As QSR restaurants it’s important to continue to change your menu to meet new rends. We know you are mostly known for your biggest sellers but bringing in new customers or bringing back repeat customers requires more than just those items. To help you, we’ve collated some of the newest trends. Which ones can you implement to meet your customers’ wants? Better yet, post your ideas on your social media and ours. Let us know what you’re doing so we can help spread the word.

What are the top 9 trends in the QSR industry?

  1. Selling from offsite. Whether you have an app or online ordering or…. use Kanekt 365, customers are requesting more and faster ways to place their orders. When was the last time you evaluated your order process? Kanekt 365 can help. Give us a call and we’ll show you our Al system that works by phone and even drive thrus.
  2.  Kits. Can you sell your items as a kit? Think of ice cream. Can you sell a sundae kit all together for the family to do as an after dinner activity? Parents love it and kids will begin asking to order from your restaurant so they can add the “kit dessert or side dish.”
  3. Value. Every customer loves value. Can you remember back before QSR restaurants offered “meal packages?” We can, and we’re not that old! It’s gotten so much easier to order a whole meal. “I’ll have a number 1” and it leads to increased sales. It’s so much easier than ordering item by item. It’s faster and you make more money. What other value options can you add?
  4. Healthy options. Can you offer a few healthier options? We love french fries and so do your customers but if you offer mandarin oranges the healthy option will bring more customers your way. Most people will still order fries but appreciate the choice.
  5.  Reward programs. Consumers love reward programs. You belong to a few right? If you don’t offer one, it’s definitely a place to begin.
  6. Unique or global options. Who doesn’t want to try a new flavor occasionally? Offer a short term “new flavor” to bring in past customers or even new customers who want to, it before it goes away!
  7. Adding or refining delivery. This is right up Kanekt 365’5 ally. We can speed up and increase the accuracy of your orders so Your deliveries can be made faster.
  8. Ghost kitchens are becoming crazy popular. Can you open a “secret ghost kitchen” you know like a Las Vegas speakeasy? People love to be included in secretive events. Although we highly discourage any illegal activities. we suggest You mimic the concept
  9. Offer a myriad of payment options. Hey. Kanekt 365 does this for you. Give us a call and we can take this off your plate too!

We know change is hard! But change also brings new customers and brings back previous customers. Contact Kanekt 365 to see how we can assist you. We are the call center experts that speed up your ordering process so you can focus on making a few. the above changes more easily.


What does December mean for almost everyone? The busiest month of the year with tasks. shopping. cleaning. family events. and more. It all adds up to STRESS.

What does that have to do with Call Center ordering? Kanekt 365 has a few ideas on how to reduce your customers’ stress and increase your sales. It starts with the stressful question “What’s for Dinner?

We’ve all heard it and we all dread it, especially when it’s a busy time of year. Here are a few ways that Kanekt 365 has found to help you increase your revenue by offering exactly what your customers want and need: more time and less stress while answering the question, “What’s for dinner?”
Starting in December, heck, go ahead and start in November. Make some fantastic strategic partnerships with other places your customers shop?
Offer a discount if a customer orders dinner from you after shopping with your strategic partner. You do the same, if a customer orders from you they can take their receipt to your partner and get a discount on a purchase from them.
It’s a Win4. Your customers get two different discounts and both you and your partner make more sales. All while answering, “What’s for dinner?”
The process is easy:

  1. Approach local stores. shops. service companies…. really anyone. We suggest local because there is more freedom for them to add this type of incentive program, but any company who wants to make more sales will gladly participate.
  2. Set up an arrangement that works for both of you. Typically. a receipt as proof of purchase is the easiest way to implement this. Set your parameters. Do they have to purchase the same day? the same week. before Dec 31?
  3. Advertise the opportunity on your doors. Your Social Media, Email lists and any other place you use marketing.
  4.  Name the program to make it easier to advertise and track on social media.
  5. To make it even bigger. have partner companies for different days: Oil change Monday, Tanning Tuesday, etc.
  6.  Track your customers that participate so you have statistics on how well it worked.

Kanekt 365 is proud to assist our customers with more than call center services. We also like to help offer ideas on marketing, sales, and customer service.
Contact Kanekt 365 to learn more about what we offer. We’d love to quote your call center services but, in the meantime, stay tuned to our blogs for even more posts on doing business within the QSR industry. We share what we’ve learned over the years right here in our monthly blog.
Thank you again for learning more about Kanekt 365 and our call center services specific for the QSR industry. If you want to learn more, please visit our success story webpage. We’ll show you our past success stories that expedite the order process and improve your customers’ experience.
Whether you’re a manage, franchisee, or corporate executive of a QSR restaurant we welcome your call to show you how our Call Center can benefit your restaurant.



Automation is now present in all the major industries, and restaurant business is one of the most recent trades to make use of this process. A research predicts that the international food and restaurant automation market might reach $14 billion within the year 2025.

Companies are building, enhancing, and perfecting great technology to automate processes on a day-to-day basis. This brings assurances of reduced operational costs, efficient client service, and a boost in overall productivity. However, a great deal of the automated technology is in its early stages of approval, and there is definitely a lot of specialization and growth that should happen prior to the robots made by the automation industry taking over food service!

How is automation impacting restaurant businesses?

At its heart, restaurant automation helps things be efficient and when implemented properly, it can help reduce the costs of the restaurant and increase its efficiency simultaneously. Although a part of the tech accompanies a hefty fee tag, new improvements and developments are ensuring that these systems are affordable and accessible. This is the reason for the anticipation for more restaurants to get on the train to automation excellence as the trade has managed to grow and specialize.

The high points of automation in restaurants

Leading automation providers state that they can help accelerate the dining process with the help of restaurant automation by more or less around 6-9 minutes since customers need not wait on the food server to take the order or meet their needs. Faster experience will translate into more clients turning in every day and this, in turn, will lead to more revenue generation for the restaurant.


Restaurant automation offers various affordable and easy ways for a restaurant to embark on the automation journey. When you pair enhanced efficiency and profits with less salary paid to staff and less error that they are most likely to make, you have a lucrative and sustainable business model!


The hospitality industry is always open to its customers. Regardless of the time of year, people find a reason to take a trip. Thus, with people traveling all over the world in millions. 24-hour customer service becomes essential. Cruise companies. Airlines. Car rental and travel agencies, hotels, railways, and more could utilize a helping hand. A call center for hospitality can come in handy!

Industry knowledge

When you subcontract to a call center, there’s always the risk of having unfamiliar and unprofessional people responding to calls from your customers. When you offer leisure and travel services, you want people to feel safe and comfortable. So, you need to ensure that the agents are acquainted with your trade and the kind of services you offer. The operators should be professionally trained and have the ability to offer specialized support.

Enhanced booking rates

A good call center for hospitality that can make calls, have live operators around and operate 24 hours every day to get the callers on the phone and off the phone in a jiffy, all while offering incredible customer support. This will help ensure that your clients are happy with the experience that they will start advertising your company.

Guest services

Regardless of where your clients live in and their respective time zones, or whether your customer has some urgent issues that need to be resolved after hours, the call center for hospitality should be available to help with the request. The call center should not charge additionally to utilize their service after hours, on holidays, or weekends. The operators should be trained properly to cancel or book reservations schedule appointments with much ease.

Multi-Channel assistance

The call center should have a devoted agent program to help your callers g support via email, Phone, Managed chat, or text. You should be able to pick the hours during which the dedicated agent takes calls for your company so that your clients shouldn’t have to call again during business operation hours.


You need to pick a call center for hospitality that is willing to take your success as their success and be available over all communication channels to satisfy the requirements of your clients!


In the majority of pizzerias, the cash register won’t ring if the phone doesn’t either. However, to make sure this doesn’t happen at your pizza place, you need to hire a call center pizza company. The expense of employing the services of a call center has become quite affordable, off late!
Advanced calling systems make outsourcing very much possible; the call center doesn’t have to be near your pizzeria, not even in the same city. Major restaurants have started employing remote call centers to help the customer with all their needs. But can a pizzeria outsource a call center? Major industry experts believe so. They believe that the job of a pizza company is just to cook good pizzas and get them delivered to their customer on time, every time. The pizza place doesn’t have to excel in order taking. Why should a pizzeria, regardless of the size erect a major competency that is not required? Your pizza company can be a good one without having to construct a call center.
Single-number marketing
A major advantage of a call center pizza company is the ability to use one, easy-to-remember phone number. Numerous pizza companies have been using a single-number call center ever since it was introduced and it has only enabled their customers to dial the number every time they have a craving for pizza.
Central command
The system of the call center pizza company facilitates call center supervisors to check the order status of every single phone call easily. When a consumer calls, the call center customer service representative will take the order on your behalf and then ensure that the system directs it to your nearest store. If orders start to pile up at one store, the supervisor will modify delivery times so that the call center customer service representative can notify the customer about when to anticipate their pizza order.
The abilities of a service representative working in a call center pizza company are totally different from that of the pizzeria worker. Their main focus is to take customer calls properly and they have the knack of upselling!
About the Author:
Kanekt365 is a full-service call center company dedicated to enhancing and perfecting the call center experience for pizza and resultant industry clients. The company’s unique products and services run on the proprietary POS Call Center Interface technology. This technology allows Kanekt 365 to input orders directly into over 60 different POS systems. Kanekt 365 offers a tailored call center solution for each client to fit their individual needs and build a solid and lasting relationship with their customers.


An online ordering platform for restaurants helps the customer order food from a restaurant in the neighborhood via an app or web page. Just like customer orders consumer goods on the World Wide Web, they can create an account on the ordering platform to make it easy for them to make frequent and convenient orders in the future. The customer will look for a typical dish or restaurant, by making use of filters like cuisine type, and select from available food items, and select pick-up or delivery. Payment can be done by cash or credit card, and the restaurant has to return a particular percentage to the ordering platform.
Online ordering app and website
The customer ordering app or website will typically have key requirements to function properly and they are as follows:
➡  Accessible across various devices [PCs, tablets, smart phones]➡ Easy to search the menu of the restaurant and take a look at the available items
➡ Make up their order types like pick up or delivery
➡ Select when they wish to receive the food order
➡ Stay updated on their order status
➡ View their previous orders and re-order their favorites quickly
➡ Make payments online via bank transfer, credit card, online wallets, etc.
Admin management interface
The interface plays an essential role as far as an online ordering platform for restaurants is concerned. It is accountable for informing the restaurant of the order that was placed by the customer and help them handle the order fulfilment procedure. The major needs for the interface including the following:
➡ Accessible across various devices for simple and plain use [on the move and in-store usage]➡ Real-time order running interface that helps restaurants to find out the orders that need to be prepared
➡ The capability to possess staff accounts to limit access for employee use
➡ Easy to comprehend settings and options for configuration to fine-tune the system
➡ A wide range of notification modes to help the restaurant stay up to date on the latest orders
Online ordering platform for restaurants enables restaurant businesses to receive and manage food orders placed by their customers over the World Wide Web. Any restaurant owner who wishes to level up their food business should make the most of these platforms!  


Are you wondering as to what, the best possible way to provide great customer satisfaction? A restaurant call center can help you do just that. In order to turn your restaurant into a thriving venture, client satisfaction should be top-notch! Just as a customer walks into the restaurant, you need to ensure that you are capable of giving committed attention (in-person] to him/her. If there, one thing that matters in the restaurant business. it, the first impassion that helps the guest have some assumptions and expectations of what your restaurant can offer.
The first feeling that the guests have with a particular restaurant actually doesn’t happen when he/she enters your premises but when they search for your restaurant online to determine if they should give your place a try. So. it makes absolute sense to appoint staff to greet them as they enter, offer them real-time assistance, and encourage them to book a table at your cafe or restaurant!

Various benefits of hiring the services of a restaurant call center

Here are some of the benefits of employing a restaurant call center:
Convert more calls to approved orders and bookings.
Project a professional and refined image of the restaurant thereby ensuring that the client leaves a goad rating on restaurant review websites.
Cut down on overall expenses by eliminating the need to hire. train and maintain extra in-house employees and by reducing after-hours staff.
Help increase your net operating revenues.
Offer your guests the complete attention they crave and deserve and good support to potential customers.
A. restaurant call center lets your internal team concentrate on major tasks vital to the success of your restaurant without getting side-tracked by constant phone calls.


To gain all the above-mentioned benefits and to help boost the restaurant’s profit, you need to choose the best restaurant call center. They should have at least 5 years of experience in offering call center services for several companies, regardless of their size!

About the Author:

Kanekt365 is a full-service call center company dedicated to enhancing d perfecting the call center experience for pizza and resultant industry clients. The company’s unique products and services run on the proprietary POS Call Center Interface technology. This technology allows Kane. 365 to input orders directly into over 60 different POS systems. Kane. 365 offers a tailored can center solution for each client to fit their individual needs and build a solid and lasting relationship with their customers.


Businesses often hire a call center for a wide range of reasons. They might not be able to provide high-quality customer service on the phone owing to a rise in the number of calls they receive or perhaps operating the phone lines is reducing the quality of other projects that the employees handle on a daily basis.

When you employ the services of an order-taking call center, you will be asked to offer them more information that you believe is necessary for their service representatives to serve your clients, in the best possible way. Some services make a recording of the calls so that you can assess them later for quality. Other services offer you daily reports that contain details on the number of calls fielded and the issues involved.

The following are some things that you need to consider before you hire a call center for order taking purposes:

Call Center availability

Choosing an order taking call center service that is available round the clock and dependable is essential for any business. You need to ask how often the call center agents will be available for order taking. High-quality services will ensure 24/7 availability for your clients. Some centers even provide calamity recovery services; they can take over Your calk completely if your lines are totally down during an emergency.

Multilingual services

If your company has a global audience. you need to ensure that you associate with an order-taking call center that possesses fluent speakers of various with as their staff. Several call centers provide Spanish and French-speaking services, and others even provide a wide range of languages. If your business requires a multilingual service, you should ask upfront the call center about the translation services or languages they can offer you.


An order-taking call center can do more and help grow your business than what your in-house staff can handle. Be sure to hire the best call center services suitable for your business!



Most people envision call centers as they appeared years ago: many agents sitting in one room all talking at once. Old-time call centers had agents that were hard to understand. Agents were located in noisy areas where your customers could hear the other agents in the background. When your customers would call into a call center the agents were not experts in your business and it took significant time for questions and concerns to be answered. Customer service included errors due to the nature of how the calls were conducted.

Kanekt 365 fixes all those “old problems”

Enter The New Age of Call Centers That Act as Contact Centers

Kanekt 365 call centers are your customer’s first contact with you. As such we do the following to represent you and your brand in the best possible way.
=> Our agents are in a quiet office setting. Your customers do not hear the other agents or any background noise.
=> Your callers speak with a real person.
=> Our agents are native English speakers.
=> Every agent undergoes many weeks of training on YOUR products so they can answer questions while they take orders.
=> Our agents are your customer service agents since they represent you!
=> 80% of your customers will not experience any wait time. If there is a wait time it’s typically less than 8 seconds.
=> Our agents answer questions and concerns immediately.

Kanekt 365 is proud to be a high-tech new-age Contact Center that improves your order process and increases your revenue.

Contact Kanekt 365 to learn how we have revolutionized the outsourcing of order taking for the QSR industry. We’ll show you our past success stories that expedite your order process and improve your customers’ experience Whether you’re a manager, franchisee, or corporate executive of a QSR restaurant we welcome your call to show you how our Call/Contact center can benefit your restaurant.


As a QSR manager or owner, we know you are concerned with every task and process of your restaurant. Your expertise is running your restaurant. Kanekt 365’s expertise is in assisting you by handling your call order process so you can focus on the other daily responsibilities of running your restaurant.

1. Finding employees is getting harder and harder: Many employees have left the QSR industry making it more difficult for restaurants to
maintain a trained and consistent employee base. Kanekt 365 trains our agents specifically on your brand and restaurant. We always have a full staff that is ready and waiting to take your customer orders. Our turnover rate is only 12% compared to the industry standard of 40%. You will always have superbly trained agents ready to take your orders.
2. Minimum wage increases will cause your staffing costs to also increase: Kanekt 365 pays our own staff so the US increases in minimum wage will not impact your costs of working with us. Kanekt 365 pays a living wage to our staff appropriate for their country of origin and that is built into our per-call charge to you. ltß consistent thus allowing you to budget accordingly.
3. We answer 100% of your calls Your onsite employees are busy making food and offering onsite customer service. All too often, phone calls are missed, put on hold, and then forgotten, or just ignored. Our agents have one job: to answer your calls. They do that expertly 100% of the time.
4. Large orders can be put in up to 30 minutes before you open Ask any business expert, they say the best way to increase profits is making money when you’re not even open. Kanekt 365 offers that option. up to 30 minutes before you open we can take calls and orders. They will process through your POS and be waiting for you as soon as you open your doors.

Contact Kanekt 365 to see how we can assist you in outsourcing your calls so you can focus on what needs to be done onsite.