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by | Mar 24, 2021

We hope you enjoyed the first installment in our series on improving customer service. If you didn’t read it feel free to go back and read that one first. Here is part two of the series.

Effective Employee Reviews. The DO’s and Don’ts

When business owners or managers are asked what’s the part of their job they dislike the most the majority of them say employee management and evaluation. While they like their employees and like their leadership role it’s the actual management of the processes where they struggle. How does that happen? It’s because the evaluator is rushed with their own work, they don’t have appropriate measurement tools, or they are unsure of the expectations.

Kanekt 365 has put together this list of Do’s and Don’ts for evaluating your staff to help you do a more thorough and accurate job.

Just like you set SMART Goals or KPI’s for your business you need to set them for your employees as well. When they know how they’ll be evaluated and have a clear understanding of what that looks like they can meet your expectations or at least work toward them. When you are unclear or vague your employees cannot produce what you want from them. They’re always guessing and what they think is important might not match what you think is important.

Below are suggestions to help save you time and get more from your employees. Happy, engaged employees provide excellent customer service.


1.Set specific and measurable goals for each standard you plan to evaluate

a. Customer service

b. Dependability

c. Accuracy

d. Specific skills

2.Be clear about your expectations

a.Make them measurable so they know what it takes to be excellent

3.Make sure your goals for them are attainable

4.Evaluate between reviews not just the week of the review

a.Track improvements all year with a journal or notes

b. Track areas that need improvement with dates

5.Provide feedback all year

a.Praise in public

b. Critique in private

Ask the employee what they might be unclear on

7.Have a checklist or continuum to write the review

a. Give them a copy and set new goals for the next review.


1.Evaluate their personality

2. Compare employees, compare your employees only to their personal goals.

3. Joke and be too casual

4. Make it a one way conversation, ask for their input

5. Only discuss negatives. Always start with a positive and end with a positive.

with the improvements necessary in the middle.

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