by | Jul 19, 2021

Traditional call centers take calls based on the services of a particular industry. Basis the queries and issues raised by customers, the support team resolves them with proper information. Call centers for pizza companies differ from traditional call centers. They do not make cold calls to any leads rather attend the order or query calls with precision. Here is how a call center pizza company differs from the rest of the call center services:

Differences between a pizza call center and a traditional call center

A pizza call center comprises experienced callers or attendees. These representatives are trained to receive calls and take orders. They only get less than a minute to understand the order, provide the offers, take the address, and put the order to the right franchise of the pizza brand. The entire process has to be extremely precise and error-free! The traditional call centers attend calls from the users of a particular product/service. These calls can be an inquiry or an issue. A ticket is raised if it is an issue. The customer is then contacted with a proper solution for it. In these cases, the callers get ample time to resolve the queries and issues or to connect the calls with the technical support team but a call center pizza company does not get that time span. It has to be fast and accurate at the same time.

Hiring a call center with no experience in handling pizza orders will be a blunder. On the other hand, hiring a call center pizza company will be the best bet. It can convert leads into customers. Providing information related to offers, discounts, and new entries in the menu within a few seconds is quite challenging. The efficiency of taking and routing orders to the right franchise will increase business efficiency!

About the Author: Kanekt 365 is a full-service call center company dedicated to enhancing and perfecting the call center experience for pizza and resultant industry clients. The company’s unique products and services run on the proprietary POS Call Center Interface technology. This technology allows Kanekt 365 to input orders directly into over 60 different POS systems. Kanekt 365 offers a tailored call center solution for each client to fit their individual needs and build a solid and lasting relationship with their customers.

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