by | Jan 13, 2022

  • More touch-free ordering options
  • Convenience and speed for ordering
  • Ease and accuracy of orders

In our first blog series of 2022 we will cover the ways pizza restaurants can increase revenue while meeting these three most pressing desires of the consumer. Stay tuned to the whole series for detailed information on how to make 2022 the best year ever.
First up is how to avoid missed calls because missed calls = missed revenue

Did you know, many restaurants lose almost 25% of their orders in missed or abandoned calls?
Missed calls are 100% lost money for your restaurant. Why do pizza restaurants miss calls?
  • Employees are too busy making preparing food
  • Typically, customers hang up if they wait more than 2 minutes on hold
  • Employees forget about calls they place on hold
  • Larger orders – Customers who want to order before the store opens

Your income in these four circumstances is ZERO, yes zero!
Kanekt 365 has the answer! Outsource your calls to a call center that eliminates these four concerns.

Our agents are never too busy because it’s what they do and the only thing they do answer your phones
Our average wait time for a day is typically less than 9 seconds (If there is a wait at all) because we route your calls to the next available brand specialist trained for just your restaurant
We never put a customer on hold so there is no potential for an abandoned call
We can take calls up to 30 minutes before you even open so orders are ready and waiting for you in your POS.

Can you risk missed calls? Can you risk approximately 25% of your orders?
Kanekt 365 can fill that need for you and you won’t miss any calls because missed calls = missed money.
In addition, Kanekt 365 solves your customers’ biggest concerns. Convenient, touch-free ordering that goes directly to a call center agent who (In less than a minute) takes their order with almost perfect accuracy and fantastic customer service. We can do the same for your customers.

Stay tuned to the remainder of this 5-part blog series that shows how to increase your profits in 2022

Next up is Part 2: How do QSR restaurants resolve the lack of staff and high staff turnover?
Contact Kanekt 365 to learn more about the benefits of call center services. We’d love to quote your call center services but, in the meantime, stay tuned to our blogs for even more posts on doing business within the QSR industry. If you want to learn more, please visit our success story webpage.
Whether you’re a manager, franchisee, or corporate executive of a QSR restaurant we welcome your call to show you how our Call Center can benefit your restaurant.

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