The Incredible Increase in Food Costs For the Pizza Industry for 2023

The Incredible Increase In Food Costs For the Pizza Industry in 2023

According to the USDA, all food prices are predicted to increase between 3.5 and 4.5 percent in 2023. For our clients who own restaurants, that is a significant increase. So what do you do to offset those costs?

Don’t despair; it’s not difficult; it just takes some careful thought. Below are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Your onsite staff should focus on food preparation almost exclusively. That might mean weighing pizza toppings to ensure they are not using more than the expected amount. It might mean focusing on meal production, so the pizza leaves the store looking aesthetically perfect to the customer.
  2. Ensure your employees are trained carefully so there is no wasted time and they are efficient in their tasks.
  3. Offer exceptional customer service to increase repeat sales.
    1. Greet your customers as soon as they enter the restaurant
    2. Call customers by name when possible
    3. Gently offer to upsell items that might go with what they ordered. Of course, a hard sell turns people off but suggesting an item they might like is fine.
  4. Start a loyalty program if you don’t have one to increase return customers.
  5. Manage your inventory. By keeping accurate records of stock levels, you can ensure that you order only the necessary items when needed. In addition, take the time to price-match vendors and suppliers to keep costs down.
  6. Be aware of your electricity costs. For example, can you turn the lights dimmer? Or turn off more machinery overnight?
  7. Reduce the excess noise and stress in the kitchen area. No one likes a ringing phone. This is where Kanekt 365 comes in. We answer all your calls! This is one of the most overlooked places to save money.


How Does Using Kanekt 365 Help The Bottom Line of your Pizza Restaurant?

  1. Reduce wasted inventory by upselling your items when they get close to their expiration date.
  2. Decrease your staffing costs by outsourcing the phone and ordering system.
  3. Reduce training costs since we train the order-taking agents at our expense.
  4. Increase your average ticket price with our gentle upselling techniques on every call.
  5. Reduce the stress in the restaurant by eliminating the constantly ringing phone.
  6. Increase customer service by reducing wait time for your phone customers.

Food costs will continue to increase throughout 2023. So take one or more of these steps now to help offset those increases. It’s also a great time to determine the ROI of using Kanekt 365 as your partner call center. Enter your store’s data into our website ROI calculator, and it will show you how much you’ll save or give us a call, and we’ll do it for you!

Five Ways Your Pizza Restaurant Can Be Ready for Super Bowl

Is your Pizza Restaurant Ready for Super Bowl? Five important things to know.

For pizza shops, Super Bowl Sunday is an important day of business. With customers gathering to watch the big game, many people order pizza as a ready-to-eat snack. Therefore, it is helpful to understand certain facts about Super Bowl Sunday to best serve customers on this busy day.

Did you know?

  1. Being a Sunday, many workers will want to watch the game; staffing might be challenging. Set your schedule early. Hiring additional delivery drivers and having extra employees behind the counter will help ensure orders are filled quickly and correctly so that customers have a positive experience when ordering from you. All your staff should be well-versed in the Super Bowl specials and promotions offered for that day. This will help ensure customers are aware of all the options available to them.
  1. Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest day of the year for pizza orders. This means that pizza shops will have to plan for the extra business earlier in the day and later. People tend to start ordering food several hours before the game begins and continue until after it is over. Therefore, it is crucial to be prepared with enough staff and supplies to accommodate the higher demand.
  1. Americans will order around 100 million pizzas on Super Bowl Sunday. Customers may be more willing to order large quantities of pizza if delivery is available. Therefore, pizza shops should prepare to provide extra delivery services to serve their customers on Super Bowl Sunday.
  1. The average person will eat three slices during the Superbowl. Help your customers know how much to order by providing this information on your social media and website. You will find people tagging their friends in your posts which increases your engagement and orders follow engagement.
  1. Most customers who order pizza will want additional items, including other finger foods and drinks.  With this in mind, having a good variety of snacks and beverages is important. Preparing for the Super Bowl means pre-ordering supplies such as cups, plates, and napkins to help keep up with the increase in orders.

So, what are the best marketing strategies for the Super Bowl?

To maximize profits, it’s important to offer specials and promotions related to Super Bowl Sunday. Consider offering discounts or giveaways to attract customers before and during the game (e.g., special discounts if they order within a specific time frame).

Include online advertising with relevant keywords such as “Super Bowl Sunday” or “Super Bowl Pizza Deals.” Additionally, consider direct mail campaigns that go out the week of the big game and radio/television advertising that helps get your message across promptly.

With this knowledge, pizza restaurants can provide a superb experience on Super Bowl Sunday. By being prepared with staff, supplies, and delivery services, they can ensure their customers have the best possible experience. This will ultimately result in more satisfied customers and more successful business for the shop overall. So don’t forget to prepare for Super Bowl Sunday ahead of time!

The Most Significant Reasons Over 600 Pizza Restaurants Are Using Kanekt 365

If you’re a pizza restaurant owner, you know that customer service is critical.

You must provide quality customer service to keep your customers happy and returning to your pizza restaurant. That’s why more and more pizza restaurant owners are turning to Kanekt 365 call center services. We offer the best customer service in the industry and can help you improve your business’s bottom line. Learn more about how we increase profits and improve customer service below. We’re sure you’ll want to know more.

There are many benefits of using a call center for pizza orders.

  1. A call center can help you manage your orders more efficiently. While Kanekt 365 takes care of your phone orders, you can focus on preparing the pizzas and ensuring they are of the highest quality.
  2. A call center can help you improve your customer service. Our English-speaking team of experts is dedicated to providing top-notch customer service. Our agents work hard to ensure that your customers are happy with their experience.
  3. A call center can help you boost your bottom line. You can save time and money concurrently on training and staffing.
  4. A call center will increase your per-ticket order by encouraging upselling on every call.

One common call center myth is that it’s hard to understand call center agents. However, that is not true at Kanekt 365! All of our agents are English-speaking, many of them are native English speakers. Therefore, you can rest assured that your customers can communicate with them quickly and effectively. We pride ourselves on the best customer service in the industry, so your customers feel comfortable and confident working with us. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve quick and accurate phone orders for your restaurants.

Kanekt 365 has years of experience in taking phone orders that help restaurants’ bottom lines. As a result, we work efficiently to get your orders into your POS system so your staff can focus on food preparation. Additionally, a call center can help you reduce your training costs. Using our services, you can redirect the money you would have spent on training your staff to answer phones, take orders, and add upcharged items to other areas of your business. Finally, a call center can help you save on labor costs. Our agents are skilled at taking care of phone orders, so you can reduce the number of employees you need to staff your restaurant.

See your Specific ROI

We encourage you to log onto our website to enter your restaurant’s costs into our online calculator. You will have accurate data specific to your restaurant that shows the return on investment of using the Kanekt 365 services.

After you see your ROI, we encourage you to contact us today to interact with a demo our services and we’ll show you in real data how we will help your pizza business thrive!

Pizza is the Perfect Winter Food

Pizza is the perfect food to order when the temperature starts to drop.

Do your customers know the five reasons why? They should and it can increase your sales.

1) Pizza is comfort food. It’s warm and cozy, and it always hits the spot. The melted cheese and bubbly crust keeps people full and satisfied on cold winter nights. Comfort food is especially important in the winter when it’s cold and dark outside. Pizza can be delivered, so there’s no need to brave the cold weather; Just have the pizza come to your door.

2) Pizza is a great way to feed a crowd. Whether you’re having friends over or want to feed the family, pizza is a quick and easy way to make sure everyone’s bellies are full. Pizza is customizable so everyone gets what they want. Whether they like meat lovers pizza or prefer vegetarian, pizza provides plenty of options for everyone. It also allows your customers to get creative with toppings and create their own unique flavor. Because pizza is affordable it’s perfect for budget-friendly nights during the winter months.

3) Pizza is customizable. You can have pizza with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, or any other topping you want. You can also get pizza without any toppings at all. This makes pizza an excellent option for those with dietary restrictions or picky eaters that want something simple.

4) Pizza is easy to eat. You don’t need a knife and fork to eat pizza – you can pick it up and go! It’s the easiest meal possible. You can even eat it without having dishes to do at the end of your meal.

5) Pizza tastes great cold or hot. You can eat it right out of the box or reheat it in the oven for an even better experience. Either way, pizza is always a delicious and satisfying option.

These five reasons are excellent opportunities for pizza restaurants to connect with their community and build relationships with customers – both online and in person! Reach out to local businesses, schools, churches, etc., to let them know about pizza delivery options and discounts for large orders. The more people you can reach, the more people become returning clients.

Is your pizza restaurant using these ideas for marketing? If not, these are great ideas for marketing to your specific demographic. Try some new social media posts with these ideas in mind. Try a coupon on your pizza boxes, encouraging another order on a cold night.

Almost everyone loves pizza, so use these ideas to remind them how much they love pizza and why they should order again.

Good luck!

*Bonus Content: Don’t forget your pizza delivery drivers on cold winter nights. Make sure they are well-equipped with warm clothing and hot beverages. Show them your appreciation for braving the cold weather to bring pizza to your customers’ doors. Offering incentives, such as discounts or free pizza, can effectively show your appreciation.

WOW, Kanekt 365 is Grateful to the QSR Industry

QSR Industry Says Good Bye 2022, and Hello 2023!

Wow, it’s already December. It seems like we just started 2022. Do you remember this time last year we were getting back to “normal” after two years of COVID protocols? It seems like so long ago, yet it seems like just yesterday. We are thrilled to return to life “Pre Covid.”

Kanekt 365 is grateful for many things we learned over the last few years. Initially, it seemed like the QSR industry and the stay-at-home requirements would irreparably damage our QSR clients. However, Kanekt 365 and our partner clients jumped into action to ensure that our restaurants could stay open and our employees remained employed. Without these strong partnerships, we would not have recovered so quickly, nor would we have learned so many new ways to help the QSR industry.

Technology Helps the QSR Industry

As a technology company, Kanekt 365 has a lot of brain power behind our processes, and when requested, our tech teams respond. What we learned about customer requests and automation is still helping us grow and meet customer needs even today. We can’t thank our employees enough for the new ideas and technology that we have added. Thanks to all who brainstormed, created and kept Kanekt 365 on the cutting edge of technology for the QSR industry. Thank you also to our long-time customers who willingly agreed to test some of these new processes to ensure they met the quality standards of Kanek 365 and our customers.

We have grown, mainly in the pizza industry, with over 600 franchises now using our call center services.

But (drum roll please), we are the most excited to be utilizing AI (artificial intelligence) that integrates with Siri, Alexa, Google, Phone Apps, Voice to text, and more. Just like our call centers, the orders placed this way are automatically sent to our customers’ POS systems and their kitchens for food preparation. This is exciting growth for us, and our pilot tests show a great success.

Our Sneak Peeks for 2023

  1. After a long hiatus from the International Pizza Expo, we will return to Las Vegas in March to help our customers learn how to save money and increase profits. We are so excited to see our customers face to face again after two long years of only phone calls and emails. Please stop by our booth to say hi!
  2. Kanekt 365 will be branching out into more than pizza restaurants. We will be contracting with Chinese restaurants, Sub Shops, and more QSR restaurants. We look forward to sharing the success our pizza restaurants have achieved with other industries as well.

As we tie up our thank you list, we want to remind everyone to be grateful during this busy holiday season. Each one of us has something to be grateful for.

On to 2023!

Let’s move into 2023 with a gracious heart and dedication to helping each other be the best we can be.