Operating a pizza company can be a humongous task as there are multiple departments to handle. It is a daunting task for a team to handle all these departments altogether when there is a huge volume of incoming calls is to be handled. This is where a call center pizza service red to share the load of handling calls and taking orders. There are certain pitfalls that can be avoided using the service of a pizza call center.

Risks involved in a pizza call center

1. Handling loads of calls
An efficient information system needs to be incorporated into the bi platform so that all calls can be efficiently handled. There are different types of calls that a pizza company has to handle every day. From inquiry calls to order placement, everything can be handled when an efficient pizza company call center is hired.

2. Transforming inquiry calls into orders
The inquiry calls come in to check the menu and to find out the right orders that can be placed. In fact, a set of pizza joints will also need a call center service to divert the orders considering the specific locations. This is where an efficient call center team can convert these inquiry calls into orders and help the pizza company to accomplish them.

3. Errors while taking customer information
A pizza company call center service provides trained executives who can take calls and input the right information for every order. Manmade errors can be avoided when a dedicated call center service is given the

4. Coordination between departments
Improper coordination leads to a longer time to accomplish loads of orders. Call center service can bring proper balance between the efforts of all the departments.

This is how you can avoid these risks by introducing a call center pizza.


A pizza franchise or business will need the assistance of a call center in order to process orders and ensure proper fulfillment without causing any error. When businesses grow and the volume of incoming calls increases considerably, it becomes necessary to bring a call center in the pizza company on board. This company will create a separate platform comprising experienced executives to tackle the calls.

What to expect from a call center service?

Not all call centers perform in a similar way as they have to follow specific protocols of a particular business genre. A pizza company will need a specific type of service from a call center. The team will be able to handle the calls related to pizza, menus, inquiries, lead generation, and conversion.

The training of the entire team will be done based on certain protocols and guidelines set by the pizza company. In fact, customers are also accustomed to a certain style of ordering pizza from different food joints. To follow the colloquial trends, a team will start training to develop such traits and provide a local touchpoint service for a pizza business.

A call center will dedicate a team based on the expected volume of calls. The calls will be handled using a marvelous digital system that displays the required information in no time. Leads will obtain information and will make buying decisions accordingly. By introducing a call center, you can bring about absolute balance between the departments in a pizza company leading to a faster accomplishment of orders.


A call center is what you need to make your business easily available to the customers. Boost your revenue by accomplishing orders faster and converting inquiry calls into orders better by choosing an experienced call center service provider.


Proper services impart maximum satisfaction to the customers’ buying decisions. Connecting with the customers at a basic level will make them happier. In fact, attending to their queries will also lead to a better business platform. This is what the restaurants are looking for to make their online ordering and customer support service better by hiring a restaurant call center service! Outsourcing call support to an experienced call center service provider will offer the following benefits:

Processing an order with perfection
Processing an order becomes a lot easier when you let experienced call center representatives pick up the call. The orders are placed properly. Customers come to know about the offers. They can make better decisions and can put in money to get more benefits from the restaurant. It eventually leads to better execution of orders within a limited time span.

Leads to customers
An inquiry call can be converted into a customer when the right person picks up the call. This is not the job of a waiter or a chef. Handling such calls can only be done by an experienced team of restaurant call center representatives. The team members are trained to get the attention of the callers and mold them to place an order.

Excellent communication between management departments
The addition of a call center service to the business management will ensure excellent communication between the food preparation department and the supply chain department. The restaurant staff will not have to worry as everything will be conveyed accordingly.

Fewer errors
A restaurant call center will also provide information to the customers regarding orders and queries. It will also maintain proper coordination between the departments leading to the eradication of errors. In a nutshell, the satisfaction level of the customers will increase resulting in increased order volumes every month!

About the Author: Kanekt 365 is a full-service call center company dedicated to enhancing and perfecting the call center experience for pizza and resultant industry clients. The company’s unique products and services run on the proprietary POS Call Center Interface technology. This technology allows Kanekt 365 to input orders directly into over 60 different POS systems. Kanekt 365 offers a tailored call center solution for each client to fit their individual needs and build a solid and lasting relationship with their customers.


Traditional call centers take calls based on the services of a particular industry. Basis the queries and issues raised by customers, the support team resolves them with proper information. Call centers for pizza companies differ from traditional call centers. They do not make cold calls to any leads rather attend the order or query calls with precision. Here is how a call center pizza company differs from the rest of the call center services:

Differences between a pizza call center and a traditional call center

A pizza call center comprises experienced callers or attendees. These representatives are trained to receive calls and take orders. They only get less than a minute to understand the order, provide the offers, take the address, and put the order to the right franchise of the pizza brand. The entire process has to be extremely precise and error-free! The traditional call centers attend calls from the users of a particular product/service. These calls can be an inquiry or an issue. A ticket is raised if it is an issue. The customer is then contacted with a proper solution for it. In these cases, the callers get ample time to resolve the queries and issues or to connect the calls with the technical support team but a call center pizza company does not get that time span. It has to be fast and accurate at the same time.

Hiring a call center with no experience in handling pizza orders will be a blunder. On the other hand, hiring a call center pizza company will be the best bet. It can convert leads into customers. Providing information related to offers, discounts, and new entries in the menu within a few seconds is quite challenging. The efficiency of taking and routing orders to the right franchise will increase business efficiency!

About the Author: Kanekt 365 is a full-service call center company dedicated to enhancing and perfecting the call center experience for pizza and resultant industry clients. The company’s unique products and services run on the proprietary POS Call Center Interface technology. This technology allows Kanekt 365 to input orders directly into over 60 different POS systems. Kanekt 365 offers a tailored call center solution for each client to fit their individual needs and build a solid and lasting relationship with their customers.


LACONIA, NH, UNITED STATES, July 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Kanekt 365 Announces Educational Webinar for Quick Serve Restaurants

Kanekt 365, a leading call center provider for the QSR (Quick Serve Restaurant) industry is educating restaurants on the best way to accommodate an increase in call orders and more importantly how to combat the increase in minimum wage to $15 per hour.

“In states that have already begun the increase in minimum wage we are seeing our client restaurants struggle to maintain a work force that is financially responsible,” says Jeffery Morin, President of Kanekt 365. “In our webinar, we offer specific suggestions on how an owner can recoup that increase in minimum wage easily without sacrificing customer service.”

Kanekt 365 and the entire industry knows all 50 states will be increasing minimum wage, we just don’t know exactly when. By setting aside a short time now and watching Kanekt 365’s new webinar, restaurants will be ahead of the game and ready when their state starts to increase minimum wage.

The issues you’ll learn in the webinar are:
1. When and how to outsource to reduce your staffing costs
2. What new technologies that are available that speed up the process of order taking
3. How to upsell a ticket without seeming pushy
4. How to increase customer satisfaction
5. How to guarantee 100% accuracy in order taking to reduce errors and loss
6. And more

Technology is the answer to speeding up processes and systems. Kanekt 365 will show you the technology and that help any Quick Serve Restaurant’s bottom line. We’re here to help restaurants increase their sales and profits with a superb call center as an addition to their team.

Kanekt 365 knows from years within the pizza call center industry that the number of call-in orders and drive thru orders is only going to increase. Meeting those needs with a cost effective staffing plan is critical. Kanekt 365 shares that knowledge with webinar participants. To sign up for this free webinar go to www.kanekt365.com

Kanekt 365 handles call for over 800 pizza restaurants around the United States who currently use these strategies. The company presently operates four call centers with over 2,000 call agents. Their agents answer 150,000 calls a week.

This service is also helping many business owners with their current struggles with staffing their restaurants. By allowing Kanekt 365 to handle in coming calls for orders, they are able to alleviates some of the work from the stores and requiring 1-3 less staff members.

About Kanekt 365
Kanekt 365 was founded by Jeffrey Morin, a call center expert who is always actively seeking ways to introduce faster more innovative ways for restaurants to increase their profitability with speed and accuracy. Morin realized that the call center field was missing a method to assist restaurants and developed this specialized system that helps both consumers save time and restaurants provide faster access to meals in a convenient COVID safe manner.

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