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by | Mar 31, 2021

Welcome to the final part of our customer service series. We hope you are starting to see changes already.

What do your pizza delivery drivers really need to know?

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Drivers are the most widely seen example of your customer service. They are being judged every minute they are in their car. Provide the following checklist for drivers to skim prior to every shift. It will not only increase your customer service it will increase their tips. Who wouldn’t want that?

Delivery Drivers: You are the face of our company. You are seen by thousands of people every day while you are out delivering pizzas. Please skim this checklist to provide the best possible customer service.

When you get in the car:

1.No telephones behind the wheel. It’s the law and an expensive ticket. It’s not worth it.

2.Buckle up

3. Drive the speed limit.

4. Drive politely, please don’t swerve, cut people off or change lanes without a turn signal

5.Be safe, traffic is stressful and you want to be on time but we value you and want you to arrive safely.

6. Know the area and use GPS to be more efficient

When you arrive at the customer’s location

7. Smile

8. Introduce yourself

9.Thank the customer

10. Don’t engage an angry customer. Offer a solution or call the restaurant and let us call them to fix it.

Another marketing trick: Offer a social media contest periodically for cus- tomers to praise your drivers for good driving. (Remind them not include li- cense plates) They can label the car by color and make. Randomly pick one customer for a prize and reward the driver with the most mentions. It’s marketing all while offering your drivers and incentive to provide good cus- tomer service while driving.

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