Stay ahead of your rivals in pizza industries with 4 easy steps

Stay ahead of your rivals in pizza industries with 4 easy steps

New Kanekt 365 Call Center Program for Pizza Industry to Roll Out at International Pizza Expo

The International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas is an event that serious business owners in the industry refuse to miss each year. It gives them a chance to see new products, network and brainstorm about issues many Pizza…

Kanekt 365 provides the best call center services for  restaurant and pizza industry

The Pizza industry and restaurant in the world has a wide choice of call centers offering & order taking services. Finding providers having better facilities to make sure that they give good quality service. Such service involves answering calls for order taking of restaurant and pizza and the agent must have good communication skills in pizza order taking services

Kanekt 365 call center provides An Order Taking Answering Service And call center services & support for pizza Industry

Kanekt 365 call center provides quality services & support to customers for the pizza industry. Kanekt 365 call center for the pizza industry is designed with modern call center technology to handle calls and meet the communication needs of the customers. We are offering many services to businesses making their operation much easier

​Telemarketing Consulting Services

As a popular B2C telemarketing company, we have devoted decades of experience towards providing the quality and knowledgeable support and service every consumer deserves. We provide valued outbound and inbound call center consulting services.

We offer Services On Different Industries

We understand the importance of world-class customer service. This guarantees your customers will receive high-quality, on-brand service from our industry experts. We provide specialized services for the following industries:



· Medical

· Automotive

· Banking & Finance

· E-Commerce

· Hospitality

· Insurance




· Solar

· Telecommunications

· Transportation

· Travel & Tourism

· Utilities

· And Many more….

Learn about Call Center Services 

Call center offices are set up to handle large volumes of inbound and outbound telephone calls. Outsourcing the calls preserves on other overhead costs, office space, staffing, and equipment. is your pioneer in outsourcing inbound, outbound and automated call center services for your business or call center. Professional specialized services and support meet all your call center service needs.