by | Aug 25, 2021

Kanekt 365, a leading call center provider for the restaurant industry is answering the call to assist restaurants who have customers who prefer not to disclose their vaccine status. As more and more states increase the requirements regarding wearing masks and/or providing proof of vaccination many customers are returning to carry out and delivery options instead.

Kanekt 365 anticipates this trend to increase as the United States enters fall and winter, our prime flu season. An additional troubling concern is the lack of qualified employees to take those phone calls. Restaurants are being hampered once again by COVID. Just when they thought they were over the worst of it we’ve encountered a two-fold setback:

  1. an increase in call orders
  2. a lack of employees to answer them

What does that mean for restaurants? While this does mean less tabletop cleaning and less cashier staffing, it means an increase in answering phone calls and completing orders, both of which are difficult in a loud kitchen environment with a reduced staff.

Kanekt 365 knows from years within the QSR industry that most restaurant employees dislike answering phones and taking phone orders especially when overworked. To effectively handle the increased number of phone calls it makes sense to outsource those calls to specialists who complete the orders from a quiet professional location and transfer the order immediately to the restaurant through their own POS system. It’s flawless and fast.

“Traditionally, the majority of people purchase fast food by calling the individual stores,” explained Jeffrey Morin, CEO of Kanekt 365. “Now, with the addition of a professional call center we are offering a real game changer. People will be able to place orders within seconds with 100% accuracy thanks to our AI backup system.”

Kanekt 365 is offering restaurants the opportunity to keep up with the call-in orders that that are increasing once again. Kanekt 365 offers quick and accurate orders for on the go delivery, curbside pickup, storefront pickup and more. At a time when restaurants have not yet recovered financially, adding staff to take phone calls is not an option but using the Kanekt 365 call center allows the calls to be answered at a financial gain to the restaurant.

Restaurant consumers want to visit their favorite restaurants but do not want to have to provide vaccine proof, wear masks, or provide a negative COVID test simply to eat their lunch and dinner. Kanekt 365 builds that bridge between consumers and restaurants during this difficult time. Kanekt is ready, willing, and able to support the restaurants and their dedicated customers.

Kanekt 365 has over 600 current pizza restaurants around the United States who currently use the call center.  The company presently operates four call centers with over 2000 call agents. These agents answer 150,000 calls a week. Kanekt is preparing for a hiring surge so they are prepared for the increase in sales.

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