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LACONIA, NH, UNITED STATES, July 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Kanekt 365 Announces Educational Webinar for Quick Serve Restaurants

Kanekt 365, a leading call center provider for the QSR (Quick Serve Restaurant) industry is educating restaurants on the best way to accommodate an increase in call orders and more importantly how to combat the increase in minimum wage to $15 per hour.

“In states that have already begun the increase in minimum wage we are seeing our client restaurants struggle to maintain a work force that is financially responsible,” says Jeffery Morin, President of Kanekt 365. “In our webinar, we offer specific suggestions on how an owner can recoup that increase in minimum wage easily without sacrificing customer service.”

Kanekt 365 and the entire industry knows all 50 states will be increasing minimum wage, we just don’t know exactly when. By setting aside a short time now and watching Kanekt 365’s new webinar, restaurants will be ahead of the game and ready when their state starts to increase minimum wage.

The issues you’ll learn in the webinar are:
1. When and how to outsource to reduce your staffing costs
2. What new technologies that are available that speed up the process of order taking
3. How to upsell a ticket without seeming pushy
4. How to increase customer satisfaction
5. How to guarantee 100% accuracy in order taking to reduce errors and loss
6. And more

Technology is the answer to speeding up processes and systems. Kanekt 365 will show you the technology and that help any Quick Serve Restaurant’s bottom line. We’re here to help restaurants increase their sales and profits with a superb call center as an addition to their team.

Kanekt 365 knows from years within the pizza call center industry that the number of call-in orders and drive thru orders is only going to increase. Meeting those needs with a cost effective staffing plan is critical. Kanekt 365 shares that knowledge with webinar participants. To sign up for this free webinar go to www.kanekt365.com

Kanekt 365 handles call for over 800 pizza restaurants around the United States who currently use these strategies. The company presently operates four call centers with over 2,000 call agents. Their agents answer 150,000 calls a week.

This service is also helping many business owners with their current struggles with staffing their restaurants. By allowing Kanekt 365 to handle in coming calls for orders, they are able to alleviates some of the work from the stores and requiring 1-3 less staff members.

About Kanekt 365
Kanekt 365 was founded by Jeffrey Morin, a call center expert who is always actively seeking ways to introduce faster more innovative ways for restaurants to increase their profitability with speed and accuracy. Morin realized that the call center field was missing a method to assist restaurants and developed this specialized system that helps both consumers save time and restaurants provide faster access to meals in a convenient COVID safe manner.

For more information, visit www.kanetkt365.com
Media Contact Email Address: drew@kanekt365.com

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