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by | May 2, 2021

We’re collecting funny pizza delivery stories. Do your drivers have any funny stories they can share? Here are a few of the internet favorites. But we want to showcase your drivers. They can send us a story and we’ll publish it with their name or anonymously, whichever they prefer.

  • I delivered multiple pizzas to one home and left my hatch open while I delivered the pizzas to the front door. While I was collecting the payment the owner’s two dogs jumped in my car and wouldn’t get out. The owner just went inside to eat his pizza and left the dogs in my car.
  • Upon delivering a pizza to a fraternity house they told me the order was wrong. We accidentally made them all larges not mediums. I promptly said, “no problem, it’s our error. We won’t charge extra for the larges.” The guy replied, “Yea, it’s 0k. We’re not eating them. We’re throwing them off the roof anyway. That’s why we only bought mediums.”
  • I was delivering pizzas to what I found out was a gender reveal party. I arrived at the same time as the voting was ending. The mom-to-be was breaking eggs on her forehead to see what gender the baby was. I’m not sure exactly how that worked, but they begged me to break an egg on my forehead before I left. I got a great tip for being a good sport!
  • Superbowl Sunday is a big delivery day so I always work that day. I de- livered pizza to a home as they were paying out a square from their super bowl squares. The host asked which team I was rooting for and they handed me the winnings from the square. “Thanks Patriots.”

Now let’s hear from you. What stories do your pizza delivery drivers have? Send them to us at: INSERT EMAIL

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