Guess what? It’s officially Spring and people are headed out after a year of staying at home. Its time to make sure their spring break is the best ever. Part of the Kanekt 365 program is assistance to our pizza restaurants. Stay tuned for more blogs in the future that focus on marketing ideas and ways to increase revenue.

Today we are tackling spring break. It’s been a long year of COVID, staying home, and just no living the active life. This year spring break appears to be back on! Families are making plans, buying plane tickets, and buying new clothes. Yes, real clothes not pajamas like we’ve all lived in the past year but real clothes including pants since vacation won’t be via Zoom.

Families, friends, teams, and more are headed out of town. What does that mean for you: our trusted customers? They won’t have access to their kitchens so they will be ordering out or going out to eat. If you ask people what they order out when on vacation over 90% of them say pizza It’s fast, convenient, and easily delivered after a fun day out sightseeing or playing in the sun.

So, how do you capture those customers who don’t know you? It’s not as hard as you think.

1. Contact hotels and drop off coupons

2. Offer fliers to ride share drivers or at the airport

3. Include coupons in rental car agreements

4. Partner with excursion providers

5. Have an online menu with a direct phone link

6. Utilize the Kanekt 365 call center to guarantee accurate and timely order taking

7. Add location specific items that tourists cannot get at home

8. Provide a location for a selfie and ask them to post it.


Don’t offer a percentage off their meal. Offer a free appetizer or drink so

it’s included as an upsell item

Always ask for online reviews

Link yourself to a local event or tourist activity and name it with a hashtag