by | Sep 3, 2021

As a QSR manager or owner, we know you are concerned with every task and process of your restaurant. Your expertise is running your restaurant. Kanekt 365’s expertise is in assisting you by handling your call order process so you can focus on the other daily responsibilities of running your restaurant.

1. Finding employees is getting harder and harder: Many employees have left the QSR industry making it more difficult for restaurants to
maintain a trained and consistent employee base. Kanekt 365 trains our agents specifically on your brand and restaurant. We always have a full staff that is ready and waiting to take your customer orders. Our turnover rate is only 12% compared to the industry standard of 40%. You will always have superbly trained agents ready to take your orders.
2. Minimum wage increases will cause your staffing costs to also increase: Kanekt 365 pays our own staff so the US increases in minimum wage will not impact your costs of working with us. Kanekt 365 pays a living wage to our staff appropriate for their country of origin and that is built into our per-call charge to you. ltß consistent thus allowing you to budget accordingly.
3. We answer 100% of your calls Your onsite employees are busy making food and offering onsite customer service. All too often, phone calls are missed, put on hold, and then forgotten, or just ignored. Our agents have one job: to answer your calls. They do that expertly 100% of the time.
4. Large orders can be put in up to 30 minutes before you open Ask any business expert, they say the best way to increase profits is making money when you’re not even open. Kanekt 365 offers that option. up to 30 minutes before you open we can take calls and orders. They will process through your POS and be waiting for you as soon as you open your doors.

Contact Kanekt 365 to see how we can assist you in outsourcing your calls so you can focus on what needs to be done onsite.

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