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by | Jun 18, 2021

Restaurant Automation

Automation is ready for Drive-Thru restaurant’s today. Our conversational AI will transform the order taking process!”

— Jeffrey Morin

LACONIA , NEW HAMPSHIRE, UNITED STATES, June 17, 2021 / — Kanekt 365 continues to help restaurants optimize their approach to order-taking. Already the Call center experts in the Quick Service Restaurant industry, Kanekt 365 is now introducing their proprietary Conversational AI system called “Kanektions”.

Kanektions is a Fully Automated Order Taking software, designed for drive thru restaurants. This Automated Ordering System uses Voice Recognition and is powered by Artificial Intelligence. Kanektions is one of the first of its kind that assists restaurants with a faster and more accurate ordering process at the drive thru.

As the country begins to open up again after COVID, restaurants have discovered that curbside pickup and drive thru services remain very popular. To meet industry needs, Kanekt 365 rolled out their new software earlier than anticipated to help restaurant fight back after the pandemic and handle the issue they are facing with staffing.

What does that mean for restaurants?

Drive thru restaurants are busier than ever and cannot find the help they need to operate effectively. Kanektions helps restaurants with their staffing needs by handling orders so other employees can focus on making the food.

This software also greatly reduces labor cost while helping to move the lines along very quickly. This is how it works:

1. Customer pulls up to the drive thru.
2. Our Conversational AI takes the order and sends it directly to the POS system.
3. Employees make the order and deliver it.

The Voice Recognition system is backed by human verification to reduce errors. Every call begins with Voice Recognition powered by AI. Accuracy is confirmed by a strong system of checks and balances using both AI and human verification.

Due to our Intent Specialist, all orders are completed accurately. Once the order is verified, it is submitted directly into the restaurant’s own POS system. Not only does the system reduce errors but it speeds up the in-restaurant process for employees thus reducing drive thru lines and customer wait time. It’s flawless and fast!

“We are even more excited to introduce Speed Pass” said Jeffrey Morin, President of Kanekt 365. “As part of our fully Automated Conversational AI system, Speed Pass allows restaurants to personalize their customer’s ordering experience. In addition, Speed Pass allows customers to skip the lines and pull into a curbside pickup spot for quicker delivery.”

After a customer registers for Speed Pass, Kanektions will:
1. Greet the customer by name.
2. Ask them if they would like to order their favorite meal or something different,
3. Suggest that the customer pull into a curbside pickup.
4. And process their order thru the credit card on file.

As part of the registration process, the customer’s car color, make, model and license plate are in the notes of the order so the food can be delivered curbside to the correct customer.

By utilizing the Conversational Ordering AI, Kanekt 365 offers restaurants and their customers the gift of time by speeding up the process of drive thru ordering, making it even faster than it already was. We just do it better and more accurately!

Kanekt 365 is proud and excited to be on the forefront of this brand-new technology and ready to introduce it to the marketplace.

Kanekt 365 presently operates four call centers with over 2,000 call agents specifically for the restaurant industry. These agents answer over 150,000 calls a week, backed by this same voice recognition software. Kanekt 365 is preparing for a hiring surge, so they are prepared and ready for the increase in sales.

About Kanekt365
Kanekt 365 was founded by Jeffrey Morin, a call center expert who is always actively seeking ways to introduce faster more innovative ways for restaurants to increase their profitability with speed and accuracy. Morin realized that the call center field was missing a method to assist restaurants and developed this specialized system that helps both consumers save time and restaurants provide faster access to meals in a convenient way.

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