by | Dec 16, 2021

How does Al increase your customer service score and ensure a high level of customer engagement?

How does our restaurant test an Al system to ensure our customers are satisfied?

Customer service is the key that keeps restaurants in business. Does it worry you to turn your calls over to AI? Do you believe Al will reduce customer service? Kanekt 365 is happy to report that our customer service experience surveys have only increased when our clients choose to implement Al in the ordering process.

To prove this point Kanekt 365 can set up your account with Al as the primary agent with a human as backup to show you how well Al works with your customers. It’s seamless and fast— just what your customers want.
How does customer service increase when using Al?

Customers appreciate Al now that it has become more user-friendly. When surveyed customers say they like Al for many reasons.

  1.  Al Is more personalized since Al remembers customer order preferences.
  2. Al helps customers remember to order everything they want with a soft upsell.
  3. Al knows customers spending patterns and can suggest sale items.
  4. There is no wait time for a human call center agent unless a customer chooses to talk to a human.
  5. Al never has a bad day.

Contact Kanekt 365 to learn more about the benefits of AI-enhanced call center services. We’d love to quote your call center services but, in the meantime, stay tuned to our blogs for even more posts on doing business within the QSR industry.

Whether you’re a manager, franchisee, or corporate executive of a QSR restaurant we welcome your call to show you how our Call Center can benefit your restaurant.

Thank you again for learning more about Kanekt 365 and our call center services specific for the QSR industry. If you want to learn more, please visit our success story webpage. We’ll show you our past success stories and how Al helps expedite the order process and improve your customers’ experience.

Stay tuned to Jan 2022 where we introduce our newest addition, our Al call center agent EZRA.

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