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Can Al replace human call center agents?

No. root yet. But it will soon. Artificial intelligence is goad and getting better all the time but it still needs back up to guarantee accuracy. Kanekt 365 has hired amazing computer engineers who are constantly increasing the technological abilities . our Al call centers but until they are perfect, we back up our Al with human agents and always back up our human agents with Al. This is how our orders are always100% accurate.
For our call center quick serve restaurants, accuracy and speed are the most important features behind cost. We have two options you can choose from to ensure all orders are accurate, fast, and cost effective.
As a Kanekt 365 client you can choose to:
• use human call center agents backed up with Al to reduce human error and speed up the ordering process.
• use Al for orders with a human back up in case the Al is struggling to understand the customer’s order. This can occur when there is loud background noise or various other and concerns. Either way until our Al is 10096 accurate on its own, we will continue to back up the system in the manner you request to guarantee speed, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

What is Artificial Intelligence capable of?

Al. like the one built by Kanekt 365 is useful for any OSR because it:

  1. guarantees orders are 100% accurate and verified with a secondary source.
  2.  ensures an upsell specific to your brand and menu on every order.
  3. answers every call immediately with a friendly voice.
  4. uses conversional Al to appear natural
  5.  processes orders automatically to your intone POS.

The added benefit of Al is that staffing costs are significantly reduced. As minimum wage increases across the country Kanket 365 can use our Al to reduce your overhead costs. staff turnover, and training time. These decreases increase your daily revenue!

Al is here to stay in the OSIR industry so Kanket 365 has made it their mission to solve our client restaurants’ worries while at the same time providing a cost-saving. completely accurate system.

Stay tuned to the remainder of this 4-part blog series that will answer the following other Al Questions regarding call center services for the QSR industry.

Part 4: How does Al increase your customer service scare and ensure a significant level. customer engagement? Contact Kanekt 365 to learn more about the benefits of AI enhanced call center services. We’d love to quote your call center services but, in the meantime, stay tuned to our blogs for even more posts on doing business within the QSR industry.

Whether you’re a manager, franchisee, or corporate executive of a QSR restaurant we welcome your call to show you how our Call Center can benefit your restaurant.

Thank you again for learning more about Kanekt 365 and our call center services specific to the QSR industry. If you want to learn more, please visit our success story webpage. Well show you our past success stories and how Al helps expedite the order process and improve your customers’ experience.

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