Are You As Excited As We Are That Trade Shows and Expos Are Back?

by | Nov 3, 2022

Are You As Excited As We Are That Trade Shows and Expos Are Back?

One of the best ways to announce changes to your business or introduce your business to a new facet of your industry is to attend trade shows and expos. It’s a chance to meet thousands of new people there for a specific purpose—to learn more about you!

For the Pizza Industry, Expos and Trade Shows are where your brand can be represented and help you stand out against your competition. You might meet schools that want to use your restaurants for weekly in-school meals. You might meet companies that hold annual events. You never know who you might encounter.

Trade shows are a fantastic place to market quickly to the right audience. Before you attend a trade show or expo, ensure the consumers who will attend are the right market for your pizza restaurant. Then follow the below steps.

How do you ensure a positive ROI of an expo or trade show? There is more to it than just attending. To guarantee an ROI, you must prepare, attend, and follow up with the expo attendees. It’s so much more than having a table and handing out candy. Although who doesn’t like candy, especially chocolate?

Trade Show To Dos:

  1. Prepare ahead of time
  2. Be approachable
  3. Train your staff who will be in attendance
  4. FOLLOW UP. Did you hear us…..Follow up or follow through (they are different). Stay tuned to our next blog to learn the difference.

Let’s Break down the steps for Expo or Trade Show Preparation

Step 1: Prepare for a Trade Show or Expo

  1. Decide who will attend and what their role is.
  2. What will you bring?
  3. What giveaway will entice people to walk over and talk with you? Food and candy is great, but something with your logo is better.
  4. Contact a promotional expert for ideas on signage and giveaways.
  5. Check your marketing materials. Do you have a handout? Are your posters and signage visible from at least ten feet away?
  6. Is your table pretty and engaging? Yes, it matters!
  7. If you’re traveling, make sure your items will be there on time. SHIP early!

Step 2: Be Approachable

  1. Select the right person who has the right personality.
  2. Soft and friendly comments entice people to talk to you.
  3. Say hello or good afternoon to everyone who walks by your expo table.
  4. Smile, often!
  5. NEVER Sit down.

Step 3: Training your Staff for Trade Shows

  1. Your staff should practice what they need to say to keep the conversation professional and interesting.
  2. Everyone at your trade show booth should know your USP, so they all send the same message to your potential customers.
  3. Have a “day of special” and a strong call to action.
  4. Don’t let anyone leave without attempting to collect their contact information for a follow-up. For example, use a QR code, collect business cards, or conduct a drawing. It doesn’t matter as long as you collect their contact information for Step 4.
  5. Your staff should attend EVERY networking event held by the trade show or expo leaders. You never know who they might meet.

Step 4: Follow up with Potential Leads

  1. If your onsite staff did a thorough job, you should have many leads to contact after the trade show.
  2. Follow up within two days for the first time or more urgently for hot leads.
  3. Send an email thanking the potential lead for visiting our table.
  4. Add all new connections to your follow-through list.

Trade shows and Expos are back, and we’re excited to market to large audiences again. So come back for our next blog about Follow Up VS Follow Through in preparation for your next event.

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