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WOW, Kanekt 365 is Grateful to the QSR Industry

by | Dec 16, 2022

Kanekt 365 has great plans for 2023!

QSR Industry Says Good Bye 2022, and Hello 2023!

Wow, it’s already December. It seems like we just started 2022. Do you remember this time last year we were getting back to “normal” after two years of COVID protocols? It seems like so long ago, yet it seems like just yesterday. We are thrilled to return to life “Pre Covid.”

Kanekt 365 is grateful for many things we learned over the last few years. Initially, it seemed like the QSR industry and the stay-at-home requirements would irreparably damage our QSR clients. However, Kanekt 365 and our partner clients jumped into action to ensure that our restaurants could stay open and our employees remained employed. Without these strong partnerships, we would not have recovered so quickly, nor would we have learned so many new ways to help the QSR industry.

Technology Helps the QSR Industry

As a technology company, Kanekt 365 has a lot of brain power behind our processes, and when requested, our tech teams respond. What we learned about customer requests and automation is still helping us grow and meet customer needs even today. We can’t thank our employees enough for the new ideas and technology that we have added. Thanks to all who brainstormed, created and kept Kanekt 365 on the cutting edge of technology for the QSR industry. Thank you also to our long-time customers who willingly agreed to test some of these new processes to ensure they met the quality standards of Kanek 365 and our customers.

We have grown, mainly in the pizza industry, with over 600 franchises now using our call center services.

But (drum roll please), we are the most excited to be utilizing AI (artificial intelligence) that integrates with Siri, Alexa, Google, Phone Apps, Voice to text, and more. Just like our call centers, the orders placed this way are automatically sent to our customers’ POS systems and their kitchens for food preparation. This is exciting growth for us, and our pilot tests show a great success.

Our Sneak Peeks for 2023

  1. After a long hiatus from the International Pizza Expo, we will return to Las Vegas in March to help our customers learn how to save money and increase profits. We are so excited to see our customers face to face again after two long years of only phone calls and emails. Please stop by our booth to say hi!
  2. Kanekt 365 will be branching out into more than pizza restaurants. We will be contracting with Chinese restaurants, Sub Shops, and more QSR restaurants. We look forward to sharing the success our pizza restaurants have achieved with other industries as well.

As we tie up our thank you list, we want to remind everyone to be grateful during this busy holiday season. Each one of us has something to be grateful for.

On to 2023!

Let’s move into 2023 with a gracious heart and dedication to helping each other be the best we can be.

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