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Efficiency in Call Ordering for QSRs and Why It’s Important

by | May 22, 2023

QSRs using the Kanekt 365 service have reported Improved QSE Performance and Efficiency.

Why is Efficiency Important?

Efficiency is critical to success in the fast-paced Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry. Franchises strive to provide quick and accurate customer service, ensuring seamless ordering processes and timely deliveries. One of the critical components behind this efficiency lies with call centers and how they represent a brand and quickly take orders. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of efficient call handling and how call center services, like Kanekt 365, enable QSR establishments to excel in providing a great customer experience and in the speed of making an order while empowering in-store staff to focus on meal prep and customer service.

How Kanekt 365 Offers Efficiency for its Clients

Menu Knowledge:

Kanekt 365’s call center agents undergo the most training in the industry to ensure accurate and up-to-date brand knowledge by deeply understanding the menu items, ingredients, and customization options. Kanekt 365’s agents can provide customers with accurate information and guide them in making informed choices. Superbly trained agents specialize in each brand and deliver exceptional menu knowledge that enhances the overall customer experience. Agents can even add upsell items quickly and efficiently.

Efficiency in Speed of Ordering:

Efficient call handling is essential in call centers, as it directly impacts the speed of orders. Customers expect quick and seamless transactions when placing their orders over the phone. Kanekt 365 understands the significance of speed in the QSR industry and leverages advanced technologies and streamlined processes to ensure swift order-taking. Kanekt 365’s technology facilitates smooth and efficient customer ordering experiences by minimizing wait times and maintaining a well-organized system.

Integration with POS System:

One of the remarkable advantages of utilizing a call center like Kanekt 365 is the seamless integration between the call center and the restaurant’s POS system. When a customer orders through the call center, it is automatically transmitted to the POS system at the designated restaurant. This integration eliminates the need for manual order entry, reducing the chances of errors and improving order accuracy. By leveraging this technology, Kanekt 365 ensures that orders are processed swiftly and accurately, enhancing operational efficiency for each restaurant.

Empowering In-Store Staff:

By outsourcing call handling to a dedicated call center, restaurants free up their in-store staff to focus on two critical aspects: quick meal preparation and superior customer service. With the burden of taking orders and handling customer questions lifted from their shoulders, in-store staff can concentrate on preparing orders, ensuring that customers receive their meals without unnecessary delays. Additionally, staff members can dedicate their attention to exceptional customer service, effectively addressing in-person customer concerns or requests.

This is why Kanekt 365 opened in the first place, to provide an outsourced system that helps any restaurant. They know how to increase efficiency, increase a restaurant’s profits, and reduce their costs simultaneously.

Working with Kanekt 365 enables restaurants to deliver on their promise of quick and convenient service, satisfying customers and propelling their business growth in the competitive QSR industry.

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