Innovation in the Restaurant Industry Gives Customers What they Want

by | Sep 1, 2022

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Innovation is around us everywhere. The speed of change is staggering. Every industry is innovating to provide customers with what they are asking for. It’s time restaurants evaluated their best practices for the next big change. Strategic partnerships between agencies who provide services to restaurants is how this industry will innovate and become stronger.

When interviewed, what are the three traits a QSR restaurant customer says they want improved?

1. Faster ordering
2. Accurate ordering
3. Easier, more inclusive ordering

So, the question remains, who can provide all three of those services at the same time? The reality is no one can do it alone. However, the good news is that strategic partnerships where different agencies work together to combine their key strengths and assets can provide everything customers want.

The order process for the QSR industry has many moving parts where mistakes or lost revenue can occur.
• Restaurants would love to take orders before they’re even open.
• Customers don’t like to make phone calls and employees answer the phone even less.
• Phone orders are often difficult to hear and understand.
• POS systems are expensive to integrate and often don’t always “talk” to each other.

These problems stand in the way of innovation, but together we can fix that.

Experts in each stage of the order process already exist and it’s time to collaborate and combine the best segments to improve the customer experience.

As a leader in technology within the QSR industry, Jeff Morin, President of Kanekt 365 says “We have been collaborating with partners including POS providers, media specialists, brokers/affiliates, and others to offer the best services that streamline the order process and benefit everyone from order initiation to the end. Customer service ratings also increase when everyone works toward a common goal.”

Kanekt 365 is introducing a partnership program where they will bring all these experts together to build a one stop shop that shares the best practices from media, POS, affiliates, and brokers and provides customers exactly what they want: fast, easy, accurate order processing.

Kanekt 365 will bring these experts together to combine their technology, best practices, standards, customer opinions and requests to develop a system where everyone benefits. It’s exciting and exactly what is needed to bring the next innovation to the QSR industry.

Morin, the leader of this initiative asks, “Where can this partnership take restaurants? We can only guess because until all the great minds are working together, we simply don’t know! But we’re excited to find out. I’m positive the outcome will be financially rewarding for everyone, even the customer! Do you work in the QSR industry as a POS provider, affiliate, or broker? Give us a call we’d love to invite you to participate.”

About Kanekt 365
Kanekt 365 was founded by Jeffrey Morin, a call center expert who is always actively seeking ways to introduce faster more innovative ways for restaurants to increase their profitability with speed and accuracy. Morin realized that the call center field was missing a method to assist restaurants and developed this specialized system that helps both consumers save time and restaurants provide faster access to meals in a convenient manner.

Kanekt 365 has over 900 current pizza restaurants around the United States who currently use the call center program. The company presently operates their call centers with over 2000 call agents. These agents answer 200,000+ calls a week. Kanekt 365 is preparing for a hiring surge so they are prepared for the increase in sales and innovation in the industry.

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