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Welcome to Kanekt 365 next blog series on outsourcing. Today we are answering the question “Is outsourcing really effective?” Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 of this outsourcing series later this month.
So what exactly is outsourcing?

“Outsourcing is an agreement in which one company hires another company to be responsible for an activity that is, or could be done, internally. “

One of the most effective ways for any company to be more effective is to guarantee that every employee works within their skillset and area of expertise. Companies have experts when everyone focuses on what they know how to do and each employee is a specialist in their tasks. These experts:
⬤ Save time
⬤ Save money
⬤ Reduce stress
⬤ Increase profits
How does that relate to the QSR industry? Surely a restaurant has the experts on staff, right? Wrong!
It’s not as easy as it sounds. A lot is going on behind the scenes at a quick-serve restaurant, and unfortunately, answering the phone is not always of the highest priority for staff. So this is an excellent place for a restaurant to begin outsourcing.

The most critical word in the Quick Serve Restaurant is the word QUICK!

⬤ Customers want their orders taken quickly.
⬤ Staff want to make the orders quickly.
⬤ Managers want their staff to serve the customers quickly.

Kanekt 365 can allow all three of these tasks to be done; yes, you guessed it QUICKLY. When you outsource your phone orders to us, we become the experts in taking your orders, leaving your onsite staff to only make and serve the meals.

You might be thinking, but that has to be expensive, right? Wrong again It’s actually LESS expensive! Remember, the whole focus on outsourcing is to utilize experts who are faster at doing their tasks. For example, Kanekt 365 has experts on your brand, so they can take orders quickly and accurately, saving you money. It’s all we do, so we do it fast!

On top of that, because we are your brand experts, part of our role is to increase each order by helping the customer make sure they order everything they want. Our agents don’t make or deliver meals, so they have time to help the customer decide if they want to add a drink, dessert, or upsize their order. This time-critical skill increases restaurants’ per ticket order.

Still not convinced? Stay tuned to the second part of this series, where we share real-life examples of how outsourcing helped companies increase profits.
In the meantime, you can easily see the cost of outsourcing with Kanket 365 on our website. Simply add your weekly sales, number of calls, and you’ll see how we can save your restaurant money on staffing costs. These savings cover the costs associated with outsourcing.

Come back soon to read the following two parts of this blog series on the benefits of outsourcing.
Part 2: Who uses outsourcing today and why?
Part 3: How to choose an outsourcing company.

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