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by | Apr 6, 2022

Welcome back to Kanekt 365’s continuing blog series on outsourcing. Today, we answer the question “Who Uses Outsourcing Today and Why?” Stay tuned for part 3 of this outsourcing series later this month.

To be honest, the real question is, “Who doesn’t use outsourcing?”
Any company that wants to use the best strategists for their business processes uses outsourcing.
⬤ Do you have a web designer? Yes, that’s outsourced.
⬤ Do you pay an accountant? That’s an outsourced skill!
⬤ Who designed your logo and marketing materials? Most companies still outsource their graphic art, even though it can be done in-house. It’s just done better and faster by an expert.

These are three of the first places a company of any size begins to outsource. And there are so many more we could list: legal, IT, virtual assistants. Outsourcing is becoming more and more beneficial to speed up your business processes, especially within the QSR industry.

Neither small nor large companies can know everything. Outsourcing allows you to find and use experts with the specific skill set you need. Rather than teaching someone on your staff how to do a job that is out of their particular skill set, outsourcing takes less time and often costs less.

Almost 68% of US companies outsource for their company!

So, how can Kanekt 365 help you? In the time it takes you to hire, train, and will manage your employees to answer your calls, Kanekt 365 will have hired, trained, and constantly manage a team of call center agents who will answer your phone calls. These agents allow your restaurant staff to do what they do best—make your meals.

Kanekt 365 has call center agents who know your brand, represent you well, are professional, and are awaiting your next call.

If you’re still not sure the financial benefit is for you, we encourage you to visit our website and enter your sales data to see how much money Kanekt 365 can save you. Simply add your weekly sales, number of calls, and you’ll see how we can save your GISR restaurant money on staffing costs. These savings cover the costs associated with outsourcing.
In our next blog, we will discuss the third part of this series, where we show you how to select an outsourcing call center for your QSR company.
Come back soon to read the following two parts of this blog series on the benefits of outsourcing
Part 3: How to choose an outsourcing company.

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