Kanekt 365 the Leading Call Center for the Pizza Industry Provides Extra Value to Restaurants as they Adjust to Covid-19 Realities

by | Oct 24, 2020

Having dedicated knowledgeable staff available to take orders is a constant challenge in the pizza industry. The coronavirus pandemic has made those needs even more evident. Kanekt 365 is delivering a winning all-around solution. Its’s featured on fox

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Kanekt 365 has earned a remarkable reputation for helping restaurants cut costs while also delivering a better customer experience through handling incoming calls/orders with its professional call center team. This need has been an existing one in the pizza industry for quite some time, which has helped Kanekt 365 quickly expand, helping an ever-growing number of clients.

Interest has grown even larger in the last six months with the outbreak of Covid-19 in the United States. Kanekt 365 has had great success helping restaurants that are struggling facing this new work reality. Stores are having a difficult time staffing stores due to the virus, where they often are facing difficult state rules and regulations. Many people do not want to go back to work for safety issues, and some are even not wanting to return to work due to the size of their unemployment checks. All of this and more makes Kanekt 365’s call center solution a winning solution.

“Covid-19 has impacted all of our lives and how most of us are able to do business,” commented Jeffrey S. Morin, President of Kanekt 365. “No industry has been impacted as much as restaurants have. For the pizza industry there is still a huge demand to have food delivered, but the staffing challenge has become even greater than ever. We can certainly help. Using Kanekt 365 makes more sense than ever for many in the pizza industry and we are happy to help.”

According to the company, using its call center to handle incoming calls not only removes the need for extra in-house staff, but also has been shown to raise the average ticket price since its team are trained and highly motivated to upsell on every order. Most restaurants also see their reviews reflect this better service which can also help generate a greater volume of sales. Getting set up with Kanekt 365 is quick and headache-free. The company is always happy to answer any questions or discuss possibilities with restaurants interested in learning more.

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About Kanekt 365

Kanekt 365 is a full-service call center company dedicated to enhancing and perfecting the call center experience for pizza industry customers. Our unique products and services run on the latest technology and are tailored for each client to fit their individual needs and help them build a strong and lasting relationship with their customers.

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