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Kanekt 365 Provides Extra Value to Restaurants as they in Covid-19 Realities

by | Nov 2, 2020

Having dedicated knowledgeable staff available to take orders is a constant challenge in the pizza industry. The coronavirus pandemic has made those needs even more evident. Kanekt 365 is delivering a winning all-around solution.


There’s one thing that nearly every restaurant in the pizza industry shares it is a desire to boost sales. If that comes along with also providing better service, cutting down the need for extra staff, and is quick and easy to implement, it is even better. In exciting news, that kind of opportunity is available now by collaborating with Kanekt 365. Kanekt 365 is the nation’s leading professional call center for the pizza industry. The service handles all incoming calls, as needed, with a trained team who are experts at upselling and customer service. Kanekt 365 starts at just $21 per day to take all calls from open to close. For most restaurants that is less then one average sale per day.

“Working with us is a total win-win for pizza restaurants,” commented Jeffrey S. Morin, President of Kanekt 365. “We see it again and again with the new restaurants coming on board with us. And let’s not forget that incoming calls are more important than ever. And that trend is very likely to continue for some time to come.”

Kanekt 365 is able to boost sales in at least three ways. These include: capturing all calls. Research states the average pizza restaurant loses over 15% of incoming calls, due to long wait time, phones being busy, or lazy workers simply not answering so they can leave work on time at the end of the night. All of this adds up. Next, by increasing the average ticket. Kanekt 365’s call agents have a 67% conversion rate with upsells, which they attempt on every call, which comes to an average of $3 extra per ticket. Finally, there’s repeat business. By making the phone ordering experience smoother and more professional customers come back for more. It’s a very pleasant change from what most of the pizza industry delivers.

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About Kanekt 365

Kanekt 365 is a full-service call center company dedicated to perpetually enhancing and perfecting the call center experience for pizza industry clients. Our unique products and services run on the latest technology and are tailored for each client to fit their individual needs and help them build a strong and lasting relationship with their customers.

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