by | Oct 9, 2021

As QSR restaurants it’s important to continue to change your menu to meet new rends. We know you are mostly known for your biggest sellers but bringing in new customers or bringing back repeat customers requires more than just those items. To help you, we’ve collated some of the newest trends. Which ones can you implement to meet your customers’ wants? Better yet, post your ideas on your social media and ours. Let us know what you’re doing so we can help spread the word.

What are the top 9 trends in the QSR industry?

  1. Selling from offsite. Whether you have an app or online ordering or…. use Kanekt 365, customers are requesting more and faster ways to place their orders. When was the last time you evaluated your order process? Kanekt 365 can help. Give us a call and we’ll show you our Al system that works by phone and even drive thrus.
  2.  Kits. Can you sell your items as a kit? Think of ice cream. Can you sell a sundae kit all together for the family to do as an after dinner activity? Parents love it and kids will begin asking to order from your restaurant so they can add the “kit dessert or side dish.”
  3. Value. Every customer loves value. Can you remember back before QSR restaurants offered “meal packages?” We can, and we’re not that old! It’s gotten so much easier to order a whole meal. “I’ll have a number 1” and it leads to increased sales. It’s so much easier than ordering item by item. It’s faster and you make more money. What other value options can you add?
  4. Healthy options. Can you offer a few healthier options? We love french fries and so do your customers but if you offer mandarin oranges the healthy option will bring more customers your way. Most people will still order fries but appreciate the choice.
  5.  Reward programs. Consumers love reward programs. You belong to a few right? If you don’t offer one, it’s definitely a place to begin.
  6. Unique or global options. Who doesn’t want to try a new flavor occasionally? Offer a short term “new flavor” to bring in past customers or even new customers who want to, it before it goes away!
  7. Adding or refining delivery. This is right up Kanekt 365’5 ally. We can speed up and increase the accuracy of your orders so Your deliveries can be made faster.
  8. Ghost kitchens are becoming crazy popular. Can you open a “secret ghost kitchen” you know like a Las Vegas speakeasy? People love to be included in secretive events. Although we highly discourage any illegal activities. we suggest You mimic the concept
  9. Offer a myriad of payment options. Hey. Kanekt 365 does this for you. Give us a call and we can take this off your plate too!

We know change is hard! But change also brings new customers and brings back previous customers. Contact Kanekt 365 to see how we can assist you. We are the call center experts that speed up your ordering process so you can focus on making a few. the above changes more easily.

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