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by | Nov 13, 2021

Every Quick Serve Restaurant is looking for a way to better serve their customers and improve the accuracy of telephone food orders. Call Centers are adding more and more AI (artificial intelligence) to their call center services. But is AI being embraced by customers? One common concern of a quick serve restaurant (QSR) is that customers prefer to speak with a human. To combat this worry, Kanekt 365 has proven that AI can reduce errors and speed up the process of order taking. Their statistics on customer satisfaction on their AI orders rates over 4.5 out of 5 on customer satisfaction surveys. Kanekt 365 solved the concern of AI not understanding orders completely by using a human backed system that guarantees 100% accuracy and human call center agents as an option if the caller chooses to speak with a person rather than AI.

How is AI used in a call center?

AI can be used multiple ways in a call center. It can be used alone where each call is handled completely by AI or a combination of AI and human intervention. Most call centers still use a combination of human call center agents and Artificial Intelligence.

  1. Human call center agent with AI back-up: This is used to guarantee accuracy with the AI verifying the order to avoid human error.
  2. AI order taking with human back up: This is often used in drive thru’s or other situations where there is background noise that makes it difficult for the AI system to understand a caller and guarantee an accurate order. A human call center agent will come on the line to complete the order to avoid mistakes or asking the caller to repeat an order.
  3. AI only: much like the voice activated systems many consumers have in their homes it takes AI time to learn different voices. A completely accurate AI system with no human interaction is years away but Kanekt 365 is working toward that type of system to save the QSR industry money.

AI is here to stay in the QSR industry so Kanket 365 has made it their mission to solve their client restaurants’ worries while at the same time providing a cost saving, completely accurate system.

Stay tuned to the remainder of this 4-part blog series that will answer the following other AI Questions regarding call center services for the QSR Industry.

  1. Do all Restaurants Need to Use Artificial Intelligence?
  2. Can AI replace call center agents?
  3. How does our restaurant test an AI system to ensure our customers are satisfied?

Contact Kanekt 365 to learn more about the benefits of AI enhanced call center services. We’d love to quote your call center services but, in the meantime, stay tuned to our blogs for even more posts on doing business within the QSR industry.

Whether you’re a manager, franchisee, or corporate executive of a QSR restaurant we welcome your call to show you how our Call Center can benefit your restaurant.

Thank you again for learning more about Kanekt 365 and our call center services specific for the QSR industry. If you want to learn more, please visit our success story webpage. We’ll show you our past success stories and how AI helps expedite the order process and improve your customers’ experience.

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