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by | Apr 15, 2021

Beer combined with pizza can build business. It’s time to think about stra- tegic partnerships. Who can your restaurant work with to sell more? Beer and Pizza go together like peanut butter and jelly. But you don’t have a liquor license, right? Make it easy. Partner with a liquor store, local craft brew, or even the local grocery store. Or just put a picture on the top of the pizza box with a few of the pairings your staff like and share some of these more popular Beer and Pizza pairings as a marketing tool. Have your partner hand out the same flier with both your contact information on it. Market together, make more money together.

Here are just a few of the Kanekt favorite beer and pizza pairings:

Jeff (President) recommends a supreme meat eater pizza paired with an IPA (insert picture of a meat

Paula (Content Writer) suggests Hawaiian pizza (she knows, a lot of people don’t think that’s a real thing) with a grapefruit beer.

Drew (Sales Manager) often pairs a bacon and sausage pizza with a dark lager for a strong salty flavor.

Micky (Director of Marketing) likes the good old standby Pepperoni pizza. He can be found pairing that with an IPA

Here are few other more popular beer and pizza pairings. Which is your fa- vorite?

    • Sausage and Pepperoni pizza goes well with a German Lager
    • Regular cheese pizza matches with a Pale Ale
    • Margherita pizza pairs nicely with a Pilsner
    • Mushroom and Sausage and Chocolate Stout make a nice flavor combi nation.

Now it’s your turn. What is your favorite pizza topping and what beer do you think goes the best with it?

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