by | May 31, 2022

Never fear if you didn’t; we’ve got your back.

In today’s Kanekt 365 blog, we share essential statistics in the QSR industry. Why should you know them? Well, everything you do should be based on data and statistics. We often say, “What gets measured, gets done.” But unfortunately, the reverse is also true: “What doesn’t get measured is left undone.”

Statistics in the QSR Industry Matter!

In Marketing, you need to ask yourself—whom are you trying to reach and why? Where are they? How many are there?

You should ask yourself about trends—What are the new trends in the QSR industry? Do you offer services that people want? Are you meeting your customers’ needs?

Are your services comparable with your competition? — Are you using old services that can be improved upon? Should you alter (or the new fun word—pivot) your current services? Is there a service your competition is offering that you are not?

These questions are vital to a QSR franchise or restaurant’s success.

Ready? Here are the most recent QSR industry stats you should know, according to Zippia.com

  1. There are 197,653 fast-food restaurant businesses as of 2021. This is important because you compete with the percentage of restaurants in your local area. How many of these 198K restaurants are other restaurants your customers can go to? What can you do to make customers come to you instead? Providing faster service by outsourcing your phone orders to Kanekt 365 is one way to build return customer retention numbers! This is also important because it is difficult to find good quality employees, and the percentage of these 198k restaurants in your geographic area are restaurants your potential employees can apply to instead. OR, you can partner with Kanekt 365 for your phone orders and reduce the number of staff you need on-site.
  2. As of 2020, there were 785,316 franchise owners of fast-food restaurants in the United States.
  3. The fast-food industry employs approximately 3,450,120 individuals in the United States. This is important because many QSR franchise owners are not on-site regularly to guarantee excellent customer service. If you provide the best customer service, your consumers will be back! OR contact Kanekt 365; our managers are on-site 24/7. When your customers call in their orders, they are guaranteed excellent customer service.
  4. The US fast food industry market size (by revenue) is $296.6 billion as of 2021.
  5. The US fast food industry’s expected CAGR (compound annual growth rate) is 5.1% from 2020 to 2027.
  6. Globally, the fast-food industry generated $797.7 billion in revenue over 2021. These three statistics are all related to the growing size of the industry. The QSR industry is increasing, and your piece of the pie is also growing. Providing excellent, quick service is how you continue to grow beyond your competitors. Kanekt 365 does this as your outsourced call center!

Contact Kanekt 365 if you want to take advantage of our services to keep your statistics high. You can easily see the cost of outsourcing your QSR calls with Kanekt 365 here.  Simply add your weekly sales, number of calls, and you’ll see how we can save your restaurant money on staffing costs. These savings cover the costs associated with outsourcing.

And as we tell all our clients: Know Your Numbers—It Matters!

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