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by | May 5, 2022


Who doesn’t like a feel-good story every once in a while?
Today Kanekt 365 brings you multiple stories of real-life “superheroes” that
work in call centers.
Technically, what is a call center?
An office set up to handle a large volume of phone calls, especially for taking
orders and providing customer service.
Companies began using call centers as far back as the 1960s. However, call
centers and their agents have evolved since then and become a very professional
part of many large businesses and municipalities. Think: 911 operators, customer
service agents, order taking for restaurants.

So, why are we writing about superheroes?
Because call centers typically operate 24 hours a day, they have occasionally been
used as emergency lifelines for certain situations where someone needs assistance.
We’ve all heard stories of people who called to order pizzas but actually needed

** *Disclaimer, in an emergency, call 911.

Here are just a few stories of superhero call centers:
✔ A telemarketing supervisor at a call center said they heard odd sounds on the
other end of a call. They asked if the caller was 0k but got no response. So
the agent called 911 from more than 900 miles away for help. They stayed on
the phone until officers arrived.
✔ A woman disguised a call to 911 as if she was ordering pizza.
✔ A representative at a call center remained calm after a routine call turned
into an emergency call. The caller said, ‘I’m either having a TIA or a stroke.”
The call center agent asked ‘do you want me to call the EMTs? He stayed on
the line until the Emergency Medical Technicians arrived.
✔ There’s even a 2013 movie entitled “The Call” about a call center agent who
saves a woman’s life.

Kanekt 365 agents are not real-life superheroes that save lives; however, we
consider our call center agents superheroes for your business. Why?

1. We save your business money by providing call center agents at a fraction of the
2, We increase your per-ticket revenue.
3.We have a one-price system that allows companies to budget more easily.
4.We reduce your onsite QSR staffing costs.
5. We help upsell every call to ensure your customers get everything they want.
6. We provide excellent brand-focused customer service.

These customer service practices “save your business” or at least bring in more
Kanekt 365 is so proud of our expertly trained customer service agents and the
business-saving skills they provide. So, let’s try something fun. Let’s have a
contest to name Kanekt 3651s superpower. Submit your ideas below.
While we wait to announce the winning name, you can easily see the cost of
outsourcing your QSR calls with Kanekt 365 on our website.


Simply add your weekly sales, number of calls, and you’ll see how we can save your restaurant money on staffing costs. These savings cover the costs associated with outsourcing

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