Top Four Ways to Make the Most of Participating in a Farmers’ Market

by | Aug 10, 2022

So, Your QSR Decided to Participate in Farmers’ Markets or Festivals?

Now What?

In our last blog, we walked you through determining if the potential sales of participating in Farmers’ Markets and Festivals outweighed the costs.

The next step is to make the most of your participation. Of course, the most important thing to consider is cost versus potential pizza sales, but involvement also increases your marketing reach and community spirit.

Follow these steps to get the most from the additional marketing through the Farmers’ Market and Festival. It sounds like common sense but adding additional events to your schedule can often become rushed, so you want to be sure not to miss any additional marketing opportunities.

Step 1: Ask the event coordinator where your logo will be displayed and what the deadline is to get them your logo? Do not be late. The first people who submit often are listed in the best spots (based on participation levels).

When you submit your logo, ensure it is in the proper format that the Farmers’ Market or Festival can give directly to the graphic designer. Critical size requirements and formats must be used to make your logo clear and professional. NEVER skimp on the cost of that. If you submit the wrong size, you risk your logo being pixilated or blurry. It is your brand, and you want it crystal clear and professional.

Step 2: Include your participation on your own QSR social media pages and website. You have a following, and you want to bring them with you. This simple step shows the Farmers’ Market and Festival that you bring added value to their event, not just pizza. Event coordinators will remember and appreciate your help and support.

Step 3: Build community. People love to buy from local restaurants and those that give back. What do you already do to support the community? Make sure the event-goers know. If you sponsor a little league team, have a picture in your space. Engage with children at your booth. Parents appreciate a company who does more than serve QSR food to their children. Speed is essential, but it doesn’t take long to interact with a child. Potentially have a treasure box or get a custom temporary tattoo with your logo that you can give children.

Step 4: Convert new customers. Can you offer a coupon or discount for the Farmers’ Market or Festival attendees to use in the future? Creating sales at the event is a great way to increase income, but if you convert a new customer that will visit your restaurant, that’s even better. Offer a discount if they like your social media pages. This gives you direct access to them after the event. Provide a coupon for an in-store purchase the week following the Farmers’ Market or Festival. Whatever it takes to turn these one-time customers into repeat customers is one of the most important reasons you should do a Farmers’ Market or Festival.

These are just a few ideas. Be creative and remind your event staff that it’s not only about selling pizza. It’s about building your community spirit and offering a “deal” to the attendees to turn them into repeat customers after the event.


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