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by | Feb 24, 2022

Call Center Technology Is Changing To Meet Customers Requests

PLYMOUTH, NEW HAMPSHIRE, US, February 23, 2022 / — At Kanekt 365, they’re taking a different, more POSITIVE, approach. They choose to look at the improvements and amazing long-lasting impacts on the restaurant industry from a more technology based and innovative thought process. The shift from in person to remote work, touch free buying patterns, and sheer increase in the number of people willing to embrace new technology has forever changed the QSR industry. They believe some of those changes are a huge benefit to consumers and the industry as a whole.

Call Centers are now using AI Technology for QSR orders to give customers a no waiting experience. For restaurants, this means more orders placed and increased revenues!

We have only scratched the surface of ways to speed up service and improve the customer experience. We have so many new innovations in the works.”

— Jeff Morin

What are the benefits you ask?
1. More consumers than ever before have embraced technology.
2. QSR restaurants have been able to evaluate their spending and revenue in a whole new way.
3. With the workforce shrinking, outsourcing is saving restaurants money on staffing costs.
4. Customer service has increased with an amazing number of alternatives for ordering meals.
5. Quick serve has actually gotten quicker!

Kanekt 365 has spent the last year talking with their QSR clients and they have a list of even more change’s customers want to see. What did they hear over and over when interviewing their clients? First, consumers want more technology and faster processes for their back office so their employees only focus on meal prep and restaurant cleanliness. Secondly, they say consumers have accepted and want more touch free ordering and pick up options. Restaurant managers agree contact-free ordering will NOT “go back to normal, it’s here to stay.” By their actions, consumers are telling us the last two years were not terrible. Some great advances came about since 2020!

As a leader in technology within the QSR industry, Jeff Morin, President of Kanekt 365 says “We have only scratched the surface of ways to speed up service and improve the customer experience. We have so many new innovations in the works.”

Technology will come hand in hand with the desire to deliver food even faster with minimal chance for errors since the consumer might never step foot in the restaurant. With less staff and the increased speed, outsourcing orders to a call center that combines AI with human call agents satisfies both needs.

It makes sense for restaurants to outsource those calls to specialists who complete the orders from a quiet professional location and transfer the order immediately to the restaurant through their own POS system. It’s flawless and fast, just what consumers and restaurant managers are asking for.

Service providers can work with restaurants to embrace the changes in consumer patterns and requirements while at the same time saving restaurants money. “It’s so exciting and a fresh, more positive way to look at the past few years,” says Morin.

So once again, let’s change our thoughts from the past two years’ difficulties and realize how far some of these technological advances have come, faster than they would have! As Kanekt 365 says, they’re positive the outcome can be financially rewarding!

About Kanekt365
Kanekt 365 was founded by Jeffrey Morin, a call center expert who is always actively seeking ways to introduce faster more innovative ways for restaurants to increase their profitability with speed and accuracy. Morin realized that the call center field was missing a method to assist restaurants and developed this specialized system that helps both consumers save time and restaurants provide faster access to meals in a convenient COVID safe manner.

Kanekt 365 has over 600 current pizza restaurants around the United States who currently use the call center. The company presently operates their call centers with over 2000 call agents. These agents answer 150,000 calls a week. Kanekt is preparing for a hiring surge, so they are prepared for the increase in sales.

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