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Does Customer Service Attract New Customers To A Restaurant?

by | Sep 7, 2022


Added Value Services are a great addition to your customer service that helps your restaurant stand out!

What attracts customers? You got it, excellent customer service.

It is no secret that customers seek creative or unique experiences when buying from service industries, including the QSR industry. But, in addition, they are looking for a higher level of customer service. Unfortunately, according to QSR Magazine, 24-40% of food service industries are currently understaffed due to a lack of workers. This blog is intended to help QSR restaurants offer excellent customer service and added value options that will increase return customers for an understaffed restaurant with overworked staff.

As a manager or owner of a QSR franchise, it’s essential to pay special attention to unique customer opportunities and added value services that encourage customers to return and to tell other people about their great experience at a pizza restaurant.

In this blog, we will discuss some unique offerings that can be provided that will attract new customers and keep current customers returning to a restaurant. Of course, not all of these ideas are a perfect fit for every QSR but find the ones that might work and give a few of these new added value services a try.

  1. Wash windshields at the drive-thru. (yes, it takes time, but even asking customers if they would like it done will get a customer’s attention) If a worker asks and the customer says no, it still leaves a lasting impression of the restaurant’s attention to detail.
  2. Give drive-thru workers a script with funny statements in it. (Think of the airline that gets all the press because they let their flight attendants ad lib the safety talk). Everyone knows the airline! It’s part of their brand now.
  3. Add a token item to each order that costs almost nothing but makes people smile. Who doesn’t like a free surprise (a small mint or lollypop works wonders)?
  4. Add jokes or humor to napkins, cups, or pizza boxes when they are printed.
  5. Require every staff member to say “please” and “thank you.” It might sound silly, but it makes a difference. Add this to staff evaluations, so it becomes second nature.
  6. Encourage staff to use customers’ names when responding to them when possible.
  7. Add dog treats to your drive-thru (if the health department allows).
  8. Teach staff to make direct eye contact with customers and smile. It’s easy to forget when staff is rushed and overworked.
  9. Start an employee of the month program to show gratitude for staff.
  10. Spruce up the outside property and drive-thru. It’s an area often overlooked and is a customer’s first perception of a QSR restaurant.


Every QSR is different, and not all the above ideas will work for every restaurant but give some of them a try. Managers can take a quick walk through a restaurant and envision what added values could be implemented that will provide excellent customer service.

It’s never too early to implement customer-pleasing services that keep the community talking and posting on social media. This becomes the QSR that people select when choosing where to get their next meal!


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