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In the majority of pizzerias, the cash register won’t ring if the phone doesn’t either. However, to make sure this doesn’t happen at your pizza place, you need to hire a call center pizza company. The expense of employing the services of a call center has become quite affordable, off late!
Advanced calling systems make outsourcing very much possible; the call center doesn’t have to be near your pizzeria, not even in the same city. Major restaurants have started employing remote call centers to help the customer with all their needs. But can a pizzeria outsource a call center? Major industry experts believe so. They believe that the job of a pizza company is just to cook good pizzas and get them delivered to their customer on time, every time. The pizza place doesn’t have to excel in order taking. Why should a pizzeria, regardless of the size erect a major competency that is not required? Your pizza company can be a good one without having to construct a call center.
Single-number marketing
A major advantage of a call center pizza company is the ability to use one, easy-to-remember phone number. Numerous pizza companies have been using a single-number call center ever since it was introduced and it has only enabled their customers to dial the number every time they have a craving for pizza.
Central command
The system of the call center pizza company facilitates call center supervisors to check the order status of every single phone call easily. When a consumer calls, the call center customer service representative will take the order on your behalf and then ensure that the system directs it to your nearest store. If orders start to pile up at one store, the supervisor will modify delivery times so that the call center customer service representative can notify the customer about when to anticipate their pizza order.
The abilities of a service representative working in a call center pizza company are totally different from that of the pizzeria worker. Their main focus is to take customer calls properly and they have the knack of upselling!
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Kanekt365 is a full-service call center company dedicated to enhancing and perfecting the call center experience for pizza and resultant industry clients. The company’s unique products and services run on the proprietary POS Call Center Interface technology. This technology allows Kanekt 365 to input orders directly into over 60 different POS systems. Kanekt 365 offers a tailored call center solution for each client to fit their individual needs and build a solid and lasting relationship with their customers.

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