Inbound, Outbound: Kanekt 365 Wants to Help Businesses Be More Productive All Around

by | Jul 28, 2019


Jeffrey Morin believes that a company’s success can be measured and improved by its productivity —and he and his team want to help business owners become more productive by learning from those who specialize in it.

“There are steps companies can take internally with their workforce and processes, but when a business looks beyond their walls, they find that the opportunities for growth are endless, inexpensive and easy to access,” says Morin, founder of Kanekt 365. “It comes down to partnering with the right firm.”

Kanekt 365 is a full-service business outsourcing firm that actively works to help clients increase their productivity without trying to push them into paying for services they don’t want or need. With a specialty in call center services, Kanekt 365 strives to serve as the most technically advanced call center in the United States, standing above their competitors by providing these key offerings:


  • ·    24/7 customer service through phone calls, email, social media platforms and live chat
  • ·    Accepting inbound tech support calls and initiating outbound calls from professional contact centers
  • ·    Personalized greetings, telemarketing scripts and cutting-edge software used by call center employees who are trained and knowledgeable about the clients whose                   businesses they represent
  • ·    Daily reporting and around-the-clock contact options, so clients can easily track growth and measure the benefit of their outsourcing investment



“We built this company on the belief that helping clients improve their productivity does not have to be expensive or time-consuming,” says Morin. “Each client comes to us with their own unique questions and concerns. We understand that it can be difficult to trust part of their company to an outsourcing firm. We also know that we only succeed when our clients do, so they can rest assured that promoting their interests is our top priority.”

For companies interested in increasing their productivity but aren’t how to start, Kanekt 365 has created a succinct and informative eBook on taking the first steps. The book steps any business leader through implementing some of the most effective in-house and outsourcing options on the market. It explains the technology and training that goes into creating efficient, effective call centers, and building individualized service plans for each company looking to join the Kanekt 365 family.


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