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The Most Significant Reasons Over 600 Pizza Restaurants Are Using Kanekt 365

by | Jan 4, 2023

Kanekt 365 has retained 98% of all clients who chose us because of our unmatched service quality, PCI compliance measures, flexibility & dedication towards each of our clients.

If you’re a pizza restaurant owner, you know that customer service is critical.

You must provide quality customer service to keep your customers happy and returning to your pizza restaurant. That’s why more and more pizza restaurant owners are turning to Kanekt 365 call center services. We offer the best customer service in the industry and can help you improve your business’s bottom line. Learn more about how we increase profits and improve customer service below. We’re sure you’ll want to know more.

There are many benefits of using a call center for pizza orders.

  1. A call center can help you manage your orders more efficiently. While Kanekt 365 takes care of your phone orders, you can focus on preparing the pizzas and ensuring they are of the highest quality.
  2. A call center can help you improve your customer service. Our English-speaking team of experts is dedicated to providing top-notch customer service. Our agents work hard to ensure that your customers are happy with their experience.
  3. A call center can help you boost your bottom line. You can save time and money concurrently on training and staffing.
  4. A call center will increase your per-ticket order by encouraging upselling on every call.

One common call center myth is that it’s hard to understand call center agents. However, that is not true at Kanekt 365! All of our agents are English-speaking, many of them are native English speakers. Therefore, you can rest assured that your customers can communicate with them quickly and effectively. We pride ourselves on the best customer service in the industry, so your customers feel comfortable and confident working with us. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve quick and accurate phone orders for your restaurants.

Kanekt 365 has years of experience in taking phone orders that help restaurants’ bottom lines. As a result, we work efficiently to get your orders into your POS system so your staff can focus on food preparation. Additionally, a call center can help you reduce your training costs. Using our services, you can redirect the money you would have spent on training your staff to answer phones, take orders, and add upcharged items to other areas of your business. Finally, a call center can help you save on labor costs. Our agents are skilled at taking care of phone orders, so you can reduce the number of employees you need to staff your restaurant.

See your Specific ROI

We encourage you to log onto our website to enter your restaurant’s costs into our online calculator. You will have accurate data specific to your restaurant that shows the return on investment of using the Kanekt 365 services.

After you see your ROI, we encourage you to contact us today to interact with a demo our services and we’ll show you in real data how we will help your pizza business thrive!

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